Milky Pin-Ups

Milky Pin-Ups

Beautiful and creative photo series by talented London based photographer Jaroslav Wieczorkiewicz features pin-up girls in dresses made of milk.

Models were covered with milk and then photographed using high speed cameras. Limited edition MILK Calendar will be released later this year.



Milky Pin-Up



Milk Pin-Ups

Milk Calendar

Milky PinUp

Jaroslav Wieczorkiewicz

Milky PinUps

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  1. Dave

    Great, now I’m thirsty.

  2. sgh

    WWWWWWWWWow! how is that done! :-o wonderful

  3. Peterrrr

    Clever, very clever.

  4. Khurram

    how is this possible, too much help of adobe, which one missed to mention i think!

  5. Zero

    What Khurram means is they can’t figure out how to do it :P
    Hooray for fluid physics!

  6. Ravi

    Got Milk?

  7. Mr. Fiege

    the last picture should be chocolate milk!

  8. sami

    I hate milk..

  9. Aleks

    I love milk!!!

  10. COOP

    Awesome, love the pin-up style, a real throw back to the Varga girl pin-ups…. AWESOME !!!!!

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