20 High Quality Free WordPress 2.7 Themes

20 High Quality Free WordPress 2.7 Themes

WordPress is a state-of-the-art publishing platform with a focus on ease of use and web standards.

This post features a collection of high quality free WordPress 2.7 themes.

01 – Elegant Grunge Theme

Elegant Grunge is an unwashed yet crisp WordPress 2.7 theme inspired by wefunction.com.

Elegant Grunge Theme

02 – FREEmium Theme

Highly customizable WordPress theme designed by Paul Kadysz and developed by Dariusz Siedlecki.

FREEmium Theme

03 – Irresistible Theme

Irresistible is a visually-rich personal blog WordPress 2.7 theme, with a little bit of a multimedia focus.

Irresistible Theme

04 – Typogriph Theme

Typogriph is a two-columns theme, with a liquid layout and support for all the features introduced with WordPress 2.7.

Typogriph Theme

05 – The Unstandard Theme

The Unstandard is a split two/three column WordPress 2.7 theme where the home and archive index pages utilize photos rather than text.

The Unstandard Theme

06 – Milano Theme

This is an elegant WordPress theme with unique color combination.

Milano Theme

07 – Simple Balance Theme

Beautiful theme with built-in support for threaded comments.

Simple Balance Theme

08 – Gallery Theme

Designed by Christopher Wallace, Gallery is a beautiful, free, gallery-style theme for WordPress.

Gallery Theme

09 – Simple Paper Theme

Simple Paper comes with a unique design (left-aligned), fixed menu, stylized comments, paginated posts and easily editable CSS.

Simple Paper Theme

10 – Typebased Theme

Typebased is a free, personal WordPress theme, with a very clean and elegant style.

Typebased Theme

11 – Grid Focus Theme

Grid Focus is a three column widget enabled WordPress 2.7+ compatible WordPress theme. The latest update is completely optimized and stripped of any unnecessary code allowing for complete customizability.

Grid Focus Theme

12 – Old School Theme

It is a stylish blue design. This theme represents the future for the Hybrid framework. You must have Hybrid installed to use this theme.

Old School Theme

13 – Undedicated Theme

Undedicated is a free, minimal WordPress theme developed for those who love simplicity.

Undedicated Theme

14 – Equilibrium Theme

Equilibrium WordPress theme is aimed at those who want a clean and simple magazine styled blog.

Equilibrium Theme

15 – WP DashboardLike Theme

WordPress theme inspired by WordPress 2.7 Dashboard.

WP DashboardLike Theme

16 – Linquist Theme

Linquist is a simple, portfolio oriented theme, without the usual blogging garbage.

Linquist Theme

17 – Magazeen Theme

This beautiful 2-col-theme was designed with the main focus being on typography, grids and magazine-look.

Magazeen Theme

18 – LightWord Theme

Simply clever theme with two columns, right-sidebar, fixed-width and widget-ready. Compatible with WordPress 2.7

LightWord Theme

19 – Hybrid News Theme

This theme is meant to be a theme purely for news site. It has extra widget sections, double navigation menus, drop-down menus, a featured slider, and pretty much anything you’d need to run a complete news site.

Hybrid News Theme

20 – Portfolio WPESP Theme

Portfolio – WPESP Theme is a “minimalist” Theme based on the idea of portfolio created by DAILYWP. The Theme is a starting point in the creation of portfolios, using WordPress as CMS.

Portfolio WPESP Theme

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  1. Sankar

    Hybrid News theme looks awesome :)

  2. Gennice

    Excellent collection! Will use some of these for my new blog. Thanks!

  3. tasarhane

    good list..

  4. a

    Great article… I used a highly customised Linquist for a client once… they loved it!
    the power of a web designer + awesome wordpress themes = me!!

  5. Cindy

    i love the simplicity in Linquist

  6. Kyle

    Thanks man! I’m still trying to find something decent for my blog! Know anything besides artisteer for the mean time.

    x Kyle

  7. Roseli A. Bakar

    This a great compilations. Thanks.

  8. om ipit

    this is a great list. really
    a lot thank from me

  9. erwin15155

    Portfolio WPESP Theme ….is wawww….

  10. pracas upreti

    thanks for the themes , i dint found any new stuffs here, all are old and had collected by other , anyway Milano Theme has some strength, rest are ok,

    I even retweet it , thanks , very useful for newbie users,

    keep it up ,

  11. amanhem

    very good list, and i think i will use some of them

  12. mobilya

    Great list. Thanks.

  13. Anthony Proulx

    Great list of wp themes. I like the grunge one towards the top.

  14. Louis Dizon

    Great collection. I’m definitely grabbing some of these.

  15. Fuad

    hey! I’m loving it and for a long time I was looking for a few great wp themes.

  16. PMI

    Thanks for these they are really cool. I am setting up a new blog in the comming weeks and these images have just changed my mind over what I may do.

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