Incredible Animal Hair Styles

Incredible Animal Hair Styles

These creative hair hats were designed by Nagi Noda, a brilliant Japanese artist and director from Tokyo. Each hat looks like an animal made from hair.

Hair Hats

Hair Hats by Nagi Noda

Animal Hair Hats by Nagi Noda

Cool Hair Styles

Animal Hair Style

Animal Hair Style by Nagi Noda

Animal Hair Hat by Nagi Noda

Animal Hair Styles by Nagi Noda

Hair Hat by Nagi Noda

Animal Hair Hat

Animal Hair Style

Unfortunately, Nagi Noda has passed away on September 7, 2008, at the age of 35, after surgical complications from injuries sustained in a traffic accident.

  1. Paul

    I saw this on photoshop magazine!

  2. Michelle

    I’m pretty sure I’ve seen these on Lady Gaga

  3. Karin Stewart

    I don’t get it.

  4. Paul Sample

    eeewwwk!! That’s gross x_X

  5. Girlie | Digital Room

    I don’t think I can pull that off. But, I appreciate the stylist’s creativity of coming up with that extraordinary concept.

  6. M@rtin

    I can’t see anyone wanting these hairstyles.
    Hello, I would like my hair to look like a pig please

  7. Julie

    That’s freakin cool!

  8. 35metod

    wow ! super :)

  9. Mika

    Outsides of the art realm, these would not be functional nor popular.

    However, since this is an art posting, this is great in an artistic sense. And I cannot imagine the amount of time and effort, the sheer talent, that this requires.

  10. Hsoj Spillihp

    i had a racoon on my head once… but it was real.

  11. Troy Peterson

    Wow… I always wondered what beautiful women looked like with dead animals on their heads..

  12. Liz

    They are Hair hats people….read the caption at the top

  13. itsbrandnew

    Very Cool! The lion looks awesome!

  14. Kirvi Inci

    Interesting. I like the artistic aspect of it, and apreciate the amount of effort it went into making these, but I do not believe that it would be plausible for anything other than that.

  15. Jen | UPrinting

    It’s like a lot of what I see on anything related to haute couture and Fashion Week. Makes you gape, but is highly unlikely to be worn on the street anytime soon.

    Sad about Noda, though. If he was still alive today, who knows what else he could have come up with. These hair hats are amazing in their own way.

  16. accessoire

    Wow insane work! This must have been a very hard challenge.

  17. ilif

    It’s art people. Would be suitable for a runway show or fashion photoshoot. Obviously it is not meant for daily life hair fashion.

  18. Kimber

    i agree with ilif, of course its not meant for daily hair styles. its another form of amazing art to be looked at, appreciated, recorded, then washed away. it’s actually very fascinating

  19. Maisie

    these are absolutely incredible pieces of art. i especially love the lion. :) it is inspiring.

  20. Plutogirl

    Very amazing! I’d let her play with my hair any day! Sad such an amazing artist has left us.

  21. Turpentine

  22. emma

    i want one that is sooooo cool

  23. Joan

    everyone out there should have some of his talent. sometimes it needs to be about talent imagination and thinking out of the box. Is this what we are all taught to do THINK OUT OF THE BOX. don’t be jealous.

  24. shannon

    love it

  25. Ruth

    Woahhh. I want the elephant, rhino, lion, and… the giraffe. :D They’re pretty sweeeeeeet.

  26. Anna


  27. Lola

    @Anna, your over exaggerating. Hmm, although did you know that hair is not a muscle? Who here studied biology?!

  28. irma gonzalez

    are the animal hairstyles for sale?

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