Muwi – Innovative Lawn Mower

Innovative Lawn Mower

Four South Korean designers came up with a new concept for a lawn mower.

Muwi is an innovative lawn mower that calculates the size of the lawn and automatically cuts the grass. As the grass cuttings accumulate inside the machine, Muwi constructs and compresses them into cylindrical blocks.

The blocks can become balls for children to play with or be combined to make a chair or anything else you can think of. After the blocks are used, they can be left to return to nature.

Muwi Innovative Lawn Mower 2

Muwi Innovative Lawn Mower

Muwi Innovative Lawn Mower 3

Muwi Innovative Lawn Mower 4

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  1. Dainis Graveris

    Very interesting! :) thx! Just this could be useful only in big gardens or fields..

  2. fongalong

    I’m more interested in the grass pills and spheres! Those things have real design potential – a pillar of grass, for example, for some eco-landscaping? Or a cushion for a too-hard yard chair? Or lawn bowling, literally?

  3. FreyaMoka

    It’s the Wall-E ancestor D: Look for it !

  4. Yommy

    This’ quite amazing. any idea of where I can get this?

  5. Matt

    “…or in North Korea the blocks can supplement the below-starvation-level diet.”

    I’m sorry, it just seems to me that spending money to be an early adopter of something like this and then giving your children grass balls to play with is rather sad. That said, I think it’s a really neat lawnmower.

  6. fernando Cappella

    Its a interesting machine. i would like to now the price of it

  7. Nagaraju

    Interesting… whats the price and whom to contact to place purchase order.

  8. Alexander

    For everyone asking for price and seller information:
    Its not for sale. Its a concept. Exactly like a concept car, only one exists and its not even guaranteed to become available for retail

  9. Tom

    I wonder how well it does with not so perfect lawns or how easily the compacted discs and spheres break apart when touched. So many questions about the practicality of it for most lawns across the world, but the ingenuity in it is great! Even if this model sucks at those things I’m sure the flaws could easily be worked out. Just the idea of the automatic grass compressor is worth it! If the could design one that fit I place of a regular lawn mower bag I’m would buy it in a heart beat!

  10. krystina

    I need to know where I can get one I need one this would help me so much

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