10 Amazing Gingerbread Creations

10 Amazing Gingerbread Creations

The most creative and unusual gingerbread creations from all over the world.

Gingerbread Train

Cool Christmas themed gingerbread train, created in three days. [link]

Gingerbread Train

Gingerbread Laptop

Creative gingerbread laptop, complete with gingerbread mouse. [link]

Gingerbread Laptop

Modern Gingerbread House

Completely edible gingerbread house, including the rock garden. [link]

Modern Gingerbread House

Gingerbread Star Wars TIE Fighter

Cool gingerbread Tie fighter made by Flickr user firqoret. [link]

Gingerbread Star Wars TIE Fighter

Gingerbread Empire State Building

Donkey Kong Santa made from Marzipan sits on the building as little marshmallow planes circle above. [link]

Gingerbread Empire State Building

Left 4 Dead 2 Gingerbread Zombies

Gingerbread characters inspired by Left 4 Dead 2 video game. [link]

Left 4 Dead 2 Gingerbread Zombies

Gingerbread Link

Unique gingerbread creation inspired by the main protagonist in Nintendo’s The Legend of Zelda series of video games. [link]

Gingerbread Link

Gingerbread Star Wars AT-AT Walker

All-Terrain Armored Transport, the Imperial combat vehicle seen in Star Wars, made from gingerbread. [link]

Gingerbread Star Wars AT AT Walker

Gingerbread Eiffel Tower

Eiffel Tower created, in all its majesty, out of gingerbread. [link]

Gingerbread Eiffel Tower

Gingerbread Mac

Old school gingerbread Apple computer made by Flickr user MinorBug, chocolate was used for icons/ports/cursor. [link]

Gingerbread Mac

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  1. Gonzo



  2. Reilly

    Wow. Absolutely wow.

  3. Kat

    That AT-AT is AWESOME. The train is nice as well.

  4. charu

    everything is awesome i simply love it!

  5. Ribbon

    They’re all awesome, but the HP just rocks my socks off!

  6. Cory

    Very cool. I love how under the AT-AT its says “thats awesome”

  7. Tony

    Loving the Tie Fighter, and the Zombies.

  8. superdit

    Cool train, very creative

  9. sharon

    Nice work, How about this one? - My second annual gingerbread vase.


  10. harley


  11. viktoria

    I’m LOVING the Link one! That’s just too amazing! (my favorite video games ever, btw. ;D )

  12. John

    gingerbread king kong is both funny and tasty. mmmmm…

  13. ChEeSe

    yumm! i would love to eat one of those!!

  14. lily

    thats amazing!!! :O i love the computer

  15. Stephanie

    Wow! What talent. These are wonderful.

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