Tea Cup Stool

Tea Cup Stool by Holly Palmer

Inspired by Lewis Carroll’s Alice in Wonderland, Holly Palmer has designed this unique stool that looks like a giant tea cup.

Tea Cup Stool designed and manufactured in the UK.

Tea Cup Stool by Holly Palmer 2

Tea Cup Stool by Holly Palmer 3

Tea Cup Stool by Holly Palmer 4

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  1. ahmed

    very nice!!

    now only if starbucks was as smart as miss palmer!

  2. Manish Ahuja

    LOL…. This is interesting :)

  3. Stephen

    i dont think this was the best idea..

    looked like a toilet to me,

  4. Stephen

    i dont think this was the best idea..

    looked like a toilet to me,
    Sorry… forgot to say great post – can’t wait to read your next one!

  5. Carmen Larreynaga

    Like the concept but it doesn’t look comfortable. Maybe making it bigger, taller and designing it for people to sit inside the cup, not on it?

    but again great concept

  6. Nathania

    I think it would be great for kids. Little girls who like to have tea parties.

    Or fun chairs for the kids section of a library or bookstore.

  7. gary

    white china, too much like a toilet.

  8. Dan

    Looks like a toilet to me too…

  9. royal creme

    Definitely for children. Not so suitable for adults.

  10. Sklep Zoologiczny

    Right… nothing special.


    i think that the reason the chair looks like a toilet might be because of the fact that its white, the other colors, not so much, i really want to go buy one now, but its probably not within my budget…

  12. Pablito

    Nice idea, although it doesnt look that comfy.

  13. Juliette

    I agree that it looks like a toilet, maybe it would be great as a toilet design??? Great center piece of a teaparty-themed bathroom! Can you picture the saucer-sink and polka-dot-bowl bath tub?

  14. Hannah

    Where can youu get these from? xx

  15. Holly

    I have one of these stools! They are very comfortable and not at all like a toilet!! The white goes with anything…very surreal. Love it. Price is also not OTT, affordable.

  16. Diane

    How do I get these in the states?!?!?

  17. marlye

    thiz iz so cool where can u go buy them

  18. jon mayors

    not like a toilet, very comfy, the top shoud be removable to use as storage!

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