Cool Pedestrian Bridge in France

Cool Pedestrian Bridge in France

This beautiful pedestrian bridge, designed by Bernard Tschumi Architects and Hugh Dutton Associates, was recently opened in La Roche-sur-Yon, France.

Bridges over railway lines require lateral protection for both the pedestrians as well as the trains below, hence the cylindrical structure.

Railway Footbridge

Pedestrian Bridge in France

Modern Bridge

Modern Railway Bridge

Railway Footbridge

Railway Bridge


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  1. Mr.Rainbowfist


  2. delere

    Cool. Anything to help and encourage people to walk.

  3. raihana

    near a moving train at a safety place… i want, i want

  4. rachita

    want to have a walk on it :)

  5. Megan

    Nice choice of color, the bridge really stands out.

  6. cindy

    Outstanding, a visual “lovely”

  7. Den

    Truly modern, cool and nice!
    And yes I agree, the red colour is just right!

  8. Chad

    The best view is when you’re walking through it.

  9. timmay

    amazing, i want one where i live

  10. Carmen

    this is what we have in Romania….

  11. Heidi

    The way the red part gets thinner and thicker reminds me of a chinese finger trap. Is it just me?

  12. n.Kun

    In Mexico City there is one like

    Sorry my bad english :)

  13. Steve Robillard

    Is it just me or does this remind you of those Chinese finger cuffs.

  14. dave e.

    I kind of expect to hear a large transformer kick on, then see a focused beam of high energy light up the center of it, traveling from end to end, like some giant laser cannon or engine from a spaceship.

  15. elario

    to bad in mexico city people don’t use them, even if they put one awesome bridge like this.

  16. Daniel Christadoss

    This is beautiful. We take a simple bridge and make it into a piece of art. Great job.

  17. stevo

    great , but what about train impact?!! those piers are so slender.

  18. Reilly


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