Patewo Chair by Salu Iwadi

Patewo Chair by Salu Iwadi

Unique chair symbolizing unity is a poetic representation of interlocked hands during applause, fostering a sense of community.

Patewo Chair by Salu Iwadi blends modern design with traditional African craftsmanship, drawing inspiration from the intricate Patewo hairstyle.

Interlocking patterns of the steel frame mirror the fluidity of the hairstyle, creating a dynamic and comfortable piece of furniture.

A tribute to the Yoruba language and Nigeria’s cultural heritage, the chair invites reflection on identity, self-expression, and the resilience of tradition.

Inspired by the Yoruba word ‘Patewo’, meaning applause, this chair embodies unity, support, and cultural richness in every curve and line.

Beyond its visual appeal, it serves as a celebration of cultural heritage and an invitation to reflect on evolving nature of identity in a changing world.

African Hair Chair

Patewo Chair

Salu Iwadi Patewo Chair

Salu Iwadi Studio

Patewo Chair by Salu Iwadi Studio

Salu Iwadi Studio Patewo Chair

Salu Iwadi

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