Unusual and Creative Christmas Trees

Unusual and Creative Christmas Trees

Modern Christmas Trees come in all shapes and sizes. This post showcases our favorite examples of unusual and creative Christmas tree designs.

Plywood Eco Christmas Tree

Australian graphic designers Buro North claim their plywood Christmas tree is “80% more environmentally friendly” than a traditional fir or spruce.

Plywood Christmas Tree

Plywood Christmas Tree 2

Pac-Man Christmas Tree

A fully-animated version of the classic arcade game, rendered across thousands of colored LEDs.

Pac-Man Christmas Tree

Library Christmas Tree

Christmas tree made of books in University Library in Aalborg.

Library Christmas Tree

Upside Down Christmas Tree

Evoking a 12th century Central European tradition of hanging a tree from the ceiling at Christmas, this unique 7′ pre-lit fir is inverted to ensure a smaller footprint for less-spacious areas, and allowing more room for the accumulation of presents underneath.

Upside Down Christmas Tree

Shelf Christmas Tree

Who needs a Christmas tree if you can have a shelf tree.

Shelf Christmas Tree

Empty Bottles Christmas Trees

Creative Christmas trees made from empty bottles.

Empty Bottles Christmas Trees

Empty Bottles Christmas Trees 2

Empty Bottles Christmas Trees 3

Christmas Tree Projector

This device, projects an image of a Christmas tree onto the wall.

Christmas Tree Projector

Christmas Tree Projector 2

Modern Christmas Tree

The Modern Christmas Tree is a contemporary acrylic Christmas decoration – ideal for dining table centre-pieces, use in a Christmas display or any other kind of festive setting.

Modern Christmas Tree

LED Christmas Tree

The geekiest Christmas Tree in the world made from LEDs, bathroom pipes, and an embedded cubloc module.

LED Christmas Tree

Ladder Christmas Tree

Unusual Christmas tree made from a regular ladder.

Ladder Christmas Tree

Pencil Christmas Trees

Creative Christmas trees from ad campaign for Publicis Singapore.

Pencil Christmas Trees

Pencil Christmas Trees 2

Wooden Christmas Tree

Modern Christmas tree made from solid oiled larch. Each squared timber has two drillings with metal sockets for the candles. Each arm has a different length. Wooden pole lets you turn each arm individually.

Wooden Christmas Tree

Origami Christmas Tree

Creative musical note Origami Christmas Tree is a perfect addition to any executive’s desk.

Origami Christmas Tree

Gareth Pugh Christmas Tree

Gareth Pugh has created a Christmas Tree installation for the Topshop Oxford Circus flagship store. Using 60 neon bulbs, the tree stands three meters tall.

Gareth Pugh Christmas Tree

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  1. Justine

    Ladder Christmas tree is hilarious.

  2. Mika

    These are fun to look at, but nothing could replace a real tree for me :)

  3. Devi

    Love the shelf Christmas Tree!

  4. Attila Oláh

    The Pac-Man is great. Gotta make one for myself :) Toxel.com, your RSS feed is my favourite.

  5. Jorge

    Very creative, and some of them very cheap to do :)

  6. gary holmes

    Next year I’m going to do the ladder tree, so simple. The pencil sharpener ad is very creative. Thanks for sharing.

  7. Beezy

    the pac-man and the ladder tree were my faves!

  8. Takashi Kusuma

    Man that’s really cool

  9. mehmehmeh

    this is still the best website ever awsome trees

  10. LadyOTrout

    If I can figure it out I am going to add it to my facebook page this is GREAT!

  11. Adventure Travels

    Super pictures..

  12. emre

    great thanx

  13. paul

    Creative ideas yes… but nothing exceptional!
    very cool… almost cold!

  14. radyo

    cool pictures, thanks for sharing.

  15. trees

    Wow, this is an impressive page…I see a lot of Christmas trees, but some of these are truly unique.

  16. summer

    the pencil one was soo cute and funny ^_^

  17. zrmbilisim

    i love it.thanks

  18. Rulea Sanga


  19. EcoChampion

    This is fantastic selection of creative christmas tree ideas.

  20. Frank

    The upside-down tree is funny :o))

    It would be interesting for my parents :o))

  21. Daniel Levy

    Great trees except the Ladder tree. Toxel ROCKS!

  22. Nivetha

    I am going to try to do like the same…

  23. Paige

    Wonder what my parents would say if i turned our christmas tree upside down ……..tht wld be priceless

  24. Lolli

    The Ladder Xmas Tree looks like something a bachelor would make. LOL XD

  25. Lucy Hoang

    Would you really put a lit candle on a wood tree seems a little dangerous

  26. patricia evans

    so gonnA try dat pencil sharpener thing….hell yea

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