Bird of Prey Bicycle

Bird of Prey Bicycle

Innovative bicycle designed by John Aldridge is the fastest bike in the world.

Bird of Prey bicycle hand-built by Russ Denny is more aerodynamic, safe, and comfortable than your sit-down bike.

Never go over the handlebars. Lean forward and fly like Superman!

Bird of Prey

Bird of Prey Bike

John Aldridge Bicycle

John Aldridge

John Aldridge Bike

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  1. Zaher Sahyoun

    Must try this new concept, i like…

  2. Critical Eye

    Looks cool, but is it really comfortable? Looks like the rider’s elbows/shoulders/hips would get fatigued pretty quickly. Turning looks tough, too.

  3. Swiper Fox

    Whenever I happen to lay down on the bed, prone position, whether I’m reading a book, or typing on a keyboard, my arms get easily tired.
    Prone position on a bike? No thanks. Not enough strength to turn the handlebars when needed to navigate the street.
    If one falls down, you really fall down. But if in sitting position, one can readily use his/her legs and feet for balance, and also acts as shock absorber during the fall.

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