Lawnmower Bicycle

Lawnmower Bicycle

Useful bicycle designed by Florian Hauswirth functions as a lawn mover.

Have fun while you cut grass during the summer with lawnmower bicycle.

Lawnmower Bike

Lawn Mower Bicycle

Lawn Mower Bike

Florian Hauswirth Bicycle

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  1. John

    Neat idea. I think he might have some trouble steering it, though. (the camber of the steering axle probably makes the mower want to stand up on one wheel when you try to steer.) It might work a little better if the back wheel was the lawnmower, and the front wheel was a traditional bicycle wheel. That might also help power transfer by driving the mower directly. And the smaller wheels on the mower might even make it a little easier to pedal.

  2. paul

    As someone who has one of these old style mowers, i can tell it sounds like an awesome idea…
    until you hit a twig and the mower comes to an immediate halt and bucks you off the front of the bike.
    At least the barrel won’t be moving when your goes face first into it.
    That said, i would kill to be able to use pedal power.

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