Cat Tail Straw Neko Coffee

Cat Tail Straw Neko Coffee

Clever packaging adds a twist to take-away coffee experience by turning a simple drinking straw into a purr-sonality-packed cat’s tail.

Neko Coffee designed by Marco Arroyo-Vázquez  (mapko) is a charming take-away latte packaging inspired by the expressive tails of cats.

Design featuring various tail positions serves as a visual metaphor for the soothing atmosphere of Neko Cafés. Popular cat cafes in Asia where people can interact with adorable feline companions.

Sold as an impulse buy in cat cafes, Neko Coffee captures the calmness and relaxation often associated with playing with cats.

Cat Tail Coffee Packaging

Cat Tail Neko Coffee

Cat Tail Coffee

Neko Coffee by MAPKO

Neko Coffee Packaging

Cat Tail Straw Coffee

Neko Coffee

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