Seedless Watermelon Car from Ukraine

Watermelon Car

Do you like watermelons as much as the owner of this car?

Seedless Watermelon Car from Ukraine 2

Seedless Watermelon Car from Ukraine 3

Seedless Watermelon Car from Ukraine 4

Seedless Watermelon Car from Ukraine

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  1. michael

    Yes, I do…

    but, I would never drive this car!

  2. gori

    Yeah!!! It’s in Kyiv?

    или это в родном Харькове такой ланос? :)

  3. tst

    Номер старого типа, код области – Киев

  4. Microtransaction

    In principle, the design is really great, but from a pure cosmetic view, it’s quite awful. I certainly hope the owner of this car is himself a car customizer, and didn’t pay full price for that.

  5. descorate

    hahaha what’da f.. ıs that hahaha

  6. Time Tracker

    Dunno about the filing under inspiration, perhaps a better category would be WTF? ;)

  7. yomi sopein

    oops! this odd,but creative….


  8. Muxix

    This, My Car ! hha..

  9. Obama


  10. Fred


  11. A non e-moose

    This is clearly photoshopped. I can tell by looking at some of the pixels.

  12. 6646ALEM157b

    i see seeds

  13. Kiko



  14. Steve

    Lord emoose, you always see pixels!

  15. Brissa Jordan

    Mmmm, I wanna eat that car!

  16. JungleJap

    Ha ha ha. Juiciest car I’ve ever seen :)

  17. Drale

    I would drive it. Right to a lot to sell it. or if I really needed a car, drive it to a body shop and have everything repainted, and interior redone. XD

  18. Chris

    Weird but looks tasty. Is the car wet inside??

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