Photo Manipulations by Erik Johansson

Erik Johansson

Erik Johansson, a young talented artist from Sweden, creates remarkable images by digitally modifying photographs that he took himself.

Photo Manipulations by Erik Johansson 2

Photo Manipulations by Erik Johansson 3

Photo Manipulations by Erik Johansson 4

Photo Manipulations by Erik Johansson 5

Photo Manipulations by Erik Johansson 6

Photo Manipulations by Erik Johansson 7

Photo Manipulations by Erik Johansson 8

Photo Manipulations by Erik Johansson 9

Photo Manipulations by Erik Johansson 10

Photo Manipulations by Erik Johansson 11

Photo Manipulations by Erik Johansson 12

Photo Manipulations by Erik Johansson 13

Photo Manipulations by Erik Johansson

Photo Manipulations by Erik Johansson 14

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  1. haroon


  2. lmfao

    That would be fun playing tic tac toe on the streets like that. It would take like 20 minutes to make the chart then the ‘x’ and ‘o’

  3. Matt

    Some awesome edits there, very talented work. I saw some of these elsewhere that didn’t credit Erik, pisses me off when people don’t credit the artist, you can see the work that went in, it costs nothing to add a name.

    Thanks :)

  4. Dave


  5. Naldz Graphics

    Funny yet impressive ;)

  6. Zerial


  7. Oscar P

    Flawless indeed. There are fantastic photo manipulations.

  8. Paul Sample

    I love the water on bed, I wanna make it real!!!!

  9. wtyang24

    i liked how he portrayed the self-punching – exactly what i imagine when i feel like punching my face in.

  10. Zoya Orlova

    His work is beautiful. Let us see the world…

  11. MrCatJ

    These photos are absolutely brilliant!

  12. Mr. Bons

    Great ideas. Awesome inspiration. Some of the pix freak me out though.

  13. mahdi

    very nice

  14. navin

    the 1st one and the cofee spill were outrageous!!

  15. Jackie


  16. Scat R. Brane

    Amazing ideas, brilliantly made images. There is beauty in the absurd, too.

  17. Marcuss

    Great work! The DIY Volvo got me laughing.

  18. BR Macgregor

    I love the “man broken-vase intact” picture.

  19. Dave deBruyn

    fantastic work!

  20. Telkom

    Wow, really really impressive. There’s a lot of great photo manipulation on the web but these definitely have a quality that stands out above the rest.

  21. Fly

    A simple comment will not suffice to the amount of creativity, originality, and skill in these photos.

    You are an amazing artist, Erik.

  22. Tommy Stylz

    Amazing!!!! MC Escher-like/Rene Magritte-esque…I love it!!!

  23. carrie

    Very creative.

  24. Patternhead

    Some fantastic ideas and technique here.

  25. Hunter

    wow that’s impressive….it makes me want to go mess around in photoshop

  26. André

    Very Very nice!

  27. Glenn Jimerson

    Impressive Photoshop skills you have. While I liked all the photos, the Volvo/Ikea pic is my favorite.

  28. Brett

    I saw that tic-tac-toe picture a while ago and I thought it was real!

  29. Diego

    Awesome concepts and photos!

  30. Laura

    Those are fantastic! I’m very impressed.

  31. Sklep Zoologiczny

    Unbelievable O_o

  32. dai


  33. Ana

    My favorite!
    I’ve never seen anything as amazing a s this.
    I especially like the plaid headless photograph

  34. miya andoroido hime


  35. arslion

    wow amazing..

  36. james

    These pictures are quite fun, but he is one of many artists doing this type of work. Get into the scene a bit more and find the other artists. Their work is awesome too.

  37. Perry Crann

    Excellent work. Good creative and technical skills. Very inspiring!

  38. Tim Lussier

    Great work !

  39. Ilona

    genial! :))

  40. Noora

    I like it
    very creative

  41. tom simmons

    lets see what we can do .

  42. Rachel Davis

    brilliant, and inspirational!

  43. nilbert

    very cool.

  44. deden

    Hahahaha great, i love it.

  45. Psi

    Bemused completely !! you are indeed creative….

  46. Mario

    a great piece of homemade art

  47. Dre

    Really not that great. With exception of 1 or 2 photos, this could be done by anyone with a basic knowledge of photo editing.

  48. Alx

    Basic knowledge Dre? Not really.

  49. mone

    more than AMAIZING

    i hope i can learn how to do this kind of photos… :)

  50. jia

    funny and amazing…

  51. Mett Katz

    Really cool work! Best regards from Germany,


  52. Leo

    Terrific Photoshop-work off course. But above all: fascinating imagination to come up with the ideas to create the pictures. Respect.

  53. Flappajon

    goodjob i did this paint one time and i thought i was good but you ar good but i still think im pretty good

  54. Florian

    Still laughing about the Tic Tac Toe picture! ^^

  55. Taylor

    Wonderful! Made me smile.

  56. Dean

    Agree with Dre.

  57. Srinivas Tamada

    Ultimate.. Excellent.. Fantastic ..

  58. Jaqi Mugo

    Forgive me, but could someone help me understand the Volvo pic?

    This post is brilliant! I’m very inspired! :)

  59. ICT

    Jaqi In Sweden there has been a dialog if IKEA would buy VOLVO now when they are in economic crisis. I guess it is a comment on what would happen if infact VOLVO was bought by IKEA. Another create comment on IKEA and SAAB is the following Image

  60. punto

    perfect. you are a good artist.

  61. Remko

    Great stuff, really impressive and a good sens of humor too :)

  62. Ninnie.

    WOW! Love it!!

  63. javeed

    Very nice work..
    what software were involved in making..
    Do you want to share tutorials..?

    Love the work
    very impressive

  64. moy

    The same question of jaqui… i didnt understand the volvo one
    anyone who explain it?

  65. moy

    sorry, i already got it…
    For jaqui: ikea is a furniture company…

  66. Christopher Prins

    It’s people like yourself that truely inspire other photoshop users to keep moving forward. Wonderful work. The best i’ve ever seen to be honest.

    Kind Regards,


  67. Parissa

    wow!..I liked the man who’s ironing himself!

  68. Rick

    Fantastic editing. I’d love to see a tutorial on these methods.

  69. Fret_Lord

    Awesome work bro…wow!

  70. arthurbarbato twitter

    amazing! What software is employed?

  71. aaron

    Very cool. These are all great. I think my favorite one is the one with man with the melal ball for a head. It reminds me of a drawing by my favorite artist M.C. Escher “hand with globe”

  72. marta

    great job! creative and inspiring

  73. Beezy

    absolutely amazing and creative! wow.

  74. Andrea

    Wow! Very cool, I love it!

  75. Parisima

    words are poor against feelings…
    great job.

  76. Beatleg

    Absolutely amazing

  77. melufa

    Fantastic!!! Thumbs UP to U!!

  78. Larry Page


  79. Norma Shelan

    I appreciate your creative spirit! Thanks for sharing.

  80. rabia jamil

    wow amazing

  81. naima

    i appreciate all picture reallyb amazing more more more hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

  82. Jennie

    I loved these! They really make you think. Job well done!

  83. squeek12345

    loved your pics, they made me laugh and look with awe.

  84. denise

    really stunning…

  85. Khushboo

    G8! work

  86. pixonu


  87. Gillian K

    These are brilliant. I’m a huge fan of Magritte and these make me think of Erik as a 21st century Magritte. Keep them coming they are a fabulous way of looking at the world!!!

  88. Waldo

    Genial Realmente son muy buenas estas fotos! genial !

    Saludos a todos! bytes

  89. wailer

    Just 1 word: WOW.

  90. Miguel Martinez

    Fantastic, very impressive, you are a very talented guy.

  91. samu

    Las fotos son asombrosas, este chaval es un genio.

  92. Andy D

    Love the Homo Sapiens plant & the Tetris one. Amazing work!

  93. golublog

    It’s like a surreal dream. I love it.

  94. Joselete

    Increiblemente maravillosas!!!! vaya imaginacion y que talento para llevarlas acabo..un 10

  95. Adriana M

    This is amazing!!! Big big big congrats 4 u! :D

  96. sunrainet

    Incredible, too creative

  97. Ahmed nawaz amrohvi

    very very good thanks for all pics

  98. Izzat ali amrohvi

    nice cute strange&lovely

  99. Rav

    My step-brother is a friend of his, showed me the site. Very cool.

  100. abhijit dutta

    Amazing man…seriously…..hard to believe at times…
    Truly amazing


    This is for Dre & Dean ( …IF they are not the same person, as I assume they actually are! )

    If you are so ( stupidly ) convinced on what you affirm, you should be able to DEMONSTRATE it! So why both of you do not SHOW us what YOU can do with a “basic knowledge of photo editing”??

    Come on guys… you really make me sick with your NONSENSE comments!

  102. Vladimir

    Really funny!!! Great stuff!

  103. ekram

    love it!

  104. syabi


  105. azad mangi

    Great ideas. Awesome inspiration. Some of the pix freak me out though

  106. Mahmood Malik

    Wonderful work

  107. TwistedSifter

    Looks Shopped!:p

    Fantastic work. The comment haters are hilarious. Go do something productive.

  108. Konrad Fischer

    Very impresiv e , it really touched my imagination and vision. Thanks Konrad

  109. Jon

    Like an paint artist with canvas, the work Erik has done challenges the senses. It is worthy to be called art and should be shared with the world. I love it!

  110. Hank-Dachbeschichtung


    really cool pictures, dude, very nice work. Congratulations!


  111. cati

    wow very biutiful i lovely

  112. Faseeh Ahma Fasahat

    Wao, I did not see this type of pictures on computer what a brilliant work very impressive

    With best regards
    Faseeh Ahmad Fasahat

  113. Castiel


  114. Dave

    Msot of the work is brilliant, but I am not sure the IKEA/Volvo one really belongs. I could do that with a printer and a camera. Where is the Photo-shopping?

  115. Jasper

    ha ha, the reflection taking the photograph should have been naked!

    great stuff

  116. Mohan

    Classic pictures and great wrok.

  117. Doris

    It caught my interest, great job!

  118. Ruth Crabb

    Fabulous images, it made me smile inside.


  119. Agnes Pires

    The newest Taylor James? Great jobs, pure inspiration for us!

  120. AnnRan

    Creative and flawless – wonderful work!

  121. NOOR

    it is not nesessary to get off dress so iron them with itself. amazing idea.

  122. Aussie Allan

    100 off limited editions of these works with certificates and cash in on your remarkable talent,what have you got to loose!!!!!!!!!

  123. Rodney

    The Tetris Building was cool.

  124. jose

    nice stuff dude!

  125. inoreloaded_photo manipulation

    Erik is a great artist.
    I want to be like him someday..

  126. Will

    These are wonderful. I’m amazed.

  127. sailboats

    Badass, makes me wanna do some photoshoppin

  128. Ellis Miller

    I have genuinely not seen photo manipulation that fantastic before.

  129. Ally B

    these photos are great….Can’t wait for more !!!

  130. Joshua Miller

    All of these are mindblowing. Such a creative artist!

    I’ve got my own spin on the Volvo picture.

    To ME, it shows the relation between purchasing a Volvo and purchasing an item from Ikea. You get a top notch car with peace of mind – so having Ikea on the bottom left, with the Alan key in-hand shows how when you buy a Volvo, you’re buying a worry-free vehicle.

  131. miana

    wow that is awesome love the volvo one! haha soooo clever

  132. erwin15155


  133. Bruno

    That’s mad skills. It took me a few seconds to appreciate the coffee spill image. It drew out the world continents.

  134. Ralph

    Great talent As a Vietnam Vet it makes me feel good that there is still people that have good things to offer.

  135. Mery Cecchi


  136. Mohan Gandhi

    Amazing Photos! Very Nice.

  137. Monorelojero

    Muy muy ingenioso, definitivamente maravilloso!!

  138. Exprezso

    Very very nice! I’m deeply impressed!

  139. FRED

    Window sill needs a wipe – the best gag is the simplest – the Volvo one ;)P Stick to that

  140. Sonia

    Wonderful! The Tetris one is very nicely put together and clever! Amazing stuff and original ideas – difficult to be new and original in this day and age. Keep it up dude!! (-:

  141. azka

    wonderful n amazing i impressed really!

  142. cloris liu

    very brilliant,i like it so much.It reminds me of an old chinese philosophical concept “天人合一” ,which means the mixture ,unification of nature and people and a kind of harmonious relationship between the two.

  143. amjadkeryo

    very good pictures thanks

  144. Dachbeschichtung Frankfurt

    Great collection, its amazing. In my opinion No. 11 looks best


  145. Lerryck

    Awesome,brilliant…Erik u special artist & very original…keep like that..and u will be big photograff in the future!!!!!

  146. Christian

    Pretty impressive! You have talent!

  147. Bea

    that was fantastic

  148. faisal


  149. Lawliet

    Very good,
    can i be his student???????

  150. RohithCG

    Simply terrific! He needs to be given the credit due for his efforts. x-(

  151. emma

    extraoridinarily creative. they crystallize another perception of the world around us, topsy-turvy, toppling, hectic and mind-boggling. thanks for Eric’s efforts.

  152. Hebie

    they are’s already spread out on Asian website.

  153. husna

    Awesome n truly amazing!!! very creative n different

  154. Marialba


  155. Alex Woollard

    Now he’s a master at his trade.
    I create pics using various images that have taken but not to this level of excellence, most of my friends who they are usually aimed at tell me that I have too much time on my hands.
    Great entertainment Erik.
    Cheers Alex

  156. Laura

    Wow these pics are fantasitc!!! I’m sick of people making something totally stupid like a wonky lightswitch and then calling themselves artists. I havn’t a creative bone in my body and I could do the likes of that rubbish. It’s really refreshing to see something that takes talent and imagination and skill. I wish him all the best in the future and hope we will all be seeing a lot more from him as well.

  157. Laura

    I looked at the website above just now and its brilliant!! Vertical turn, haha!!

  158. kirsty

    Alot of work and patience gone into these images. Probably done on adobe after effects. Dre, show us something better then..

  159. fran

    bril, couldnt do better myself,?? ha ha

  160. Eloi

    Nice art work.

    Lund is a nice place to learn photo…

    I which to see more video and sound art work, those great creativity stories could fit in CMetrage, it’s like you’re in those touristic buses on the top of the cliff in Alps mountains and you get the nicest view from the roof, but every body in the get vertigo watching you.

    Cool, I love it.

  161. Searchman


  162. Gray Mouser

    Genius indeed!

  163. lauvsland

    cool! whitch program are you use to edit photos??do you have some youtube videos where you show how to edit? I am editing a little my self but is difficult with light and……

  164. Liyana

    I believe you are the photographic Magritte.

    Still I find some of the photos a bit too harsh in terms of idea, still all of them – perfectly developed.

  165. Raja Zahid

    quite amazing

  166. Natsky

    wicked imagination and perfect execution!

  167. mariola

    fantastic. beautiful work.
    The most beautiful work to my eyes.

  168. linkstochina

    Nice photo work.
    The comment haters are hilarious. Go do something productive.

  169. Velaija

    Whow this is really amazing!
    It’s beautiful!

  170. diwhflq

    Whow this is really amazing!
    It’s beautiful!

  171. Arslanian

    Nice photo work.

  172. pookey

    Asoulutly brilliant! Im working with manipulation for my GCSEs at the moment and you are my insperation!!!

  173. Paul T

    Mind bubbling

  174. Dr. Katzenbaum

    These photos are mind-bogglingly beautiful. Does anybody know where you could purchase postcards or maybe posters with Erik’s Artwok on them?

  175. Rechtsanwalt

    What a mindblowing page! Really impressive!

  176. Kenan

    Wow!! I cannot seem to choose which one is the best, funniest and most artistic
    Very nice to have a glimps on Erik’s artistic mind,
    kind greetings, kenan zonnema

  177. Steve

    Dre, show us what you can do, are you able to be creative and original, as well as being an expert on photo maniplulation?

  178. Melanie

    This is absolutely brilliant! Love it!

  179. Jose L. Diaz

    Awesome work, this is a perfect way to manifestate an art using modern tools creating a real way of imaginative and impresive images, also we can see a new form of comunication of fresh and innovative ideas, this work are expresive and do not selfindulgent as many “intelectual” modern art, sometimes a modest and simple art are better when are expontaneous, Erik Johansson are a real master.

  180. jaeden

    i would love to see how to do this im going to try it very soon dont get the volvo one

  181. Carl

    Amazing like everyone else has said. How can one learn to do this stuff? I wish I had Erik’s talents.

  182. Ivanhoo

    Brilliant work, very talented young artist. I’ve seen this image before on the internet but I did not know who made them. Nice…

  183. Alexito

    wooo increible!!!!!!

  184. MattJazz

    This is simply brilliant ! Someone said earlier this could be easily done in photoshop. Of course it is easily done if you have skills, but most important is idea and inspiration. This guy is next Storm Thorgeson !

  185. Jan Lee

    Wow these are so brilliant—an amazing talent.Cannot understand the Man In Rowing Boat—am I missing something?

  186. thezar

    Ikea furniture uses the key for assembly. What if a Volvo had to be assembled? There’s your catch.

  187. DUARRAB


  188. Public Cyberfreak

    These pictures are awesome, and I hate being a buzzkill, but Tetris came out during the 70’s, and not the 80’s.

  189. Art Pestaño


  190. Lesley Anne Boynton

    I love them, want to see more.

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