Volitan Futuristic Lightweight Boat

Volitan Boat

Volitan, or the “flying fish”, is the next generation fully sustainable lightweight boat. It is equipped with double layer solar cell panels and can use both wind and solar energy.

Boat’s shell is made out of carbon fiber and is covered with ultraviolet resistant coating. It is powered by a twin 220 HP/DC electric motor with two suspended wings {to help control the ship}. In addition, a hydraulic system is located in the wings.

Volitan Futuristic Lightweight Boat 2

Volitan Futuristic Lightweight Boat 3

Volitan’s dimensions: 105’3 in (length), 24’8 in (height), 92’7 in (width}.

Volitan Futuristic Lightweight Boat 4

Volitan Futuristic Lightweight Boat 5

Volitan was designed by Designnobis and has won the International Design Award for the best transportation vehicle of 2007.

Volitan Concept Video

Volitan Futuristic Lightweight Boat

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  1. ltraider

    That is so cool!

  2. Enny

    that’s..so amazing ship,,

  3. jhon mager

    Turks made good thing. it’s very cool and amazing. its like starship more than ship. Turks ship fantastic and sophisticated. I hope its real!

  4. Brian Savoie

    I myself am not a boat guy. Sail boats too complicated and power boats are way too expensive in gas.
    But i always dreamed of retiring and sailing around the world.

    This boat would be my dream..

  5. matt

    that is awsome an i would love to have one

  6. Ari

    We already have an existing technology for eco-friendly boat propulsion. They’re called “sails”.

    These guys are 5,000 years behind the news…

    – Ari

  7. David

    Ari….. no shit sherlock!!!!

    I dont care who designed it, this is one awsome looking boat and if i can loose myself in indo doing the search on this then put me down for one…

    – Dave

  8. Fan

    This is the x-wing of the seas.

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