12 Unusual and Creative Helmets

12 Unusual and Creative Helmets

Collection of creative motorcycle helmets and unusual helmet designs from all over the world.

Skull Helmet

You can captivate people by performing tricks on your bike or you can simply wear this helmet.

Skull Helmet

LEGO Helmet

Creative helmet, designed by Sebastian Errazuriz, looks like the head of a LEGO character.

LEGO Helmet

Spider-Man Helmet

Spider-Man Helmet

Transformers Helmet

Creative helmet that changes your voice to sound like Optimus Prime.

Transformers Helmet

Watermelon Helmet

Watermelon Helmet

Pac-Man Helmet

Homemade full face motorcycle helmet that looks like Pac-Man.

Pac-Man Helmet

Iron Man Helmet

Iron Man Helmet

Stormtrooper Helmet

Stormtrooper Helmet

Darth Vader Helmet

Darth Vader Helmet

Cartoon Helmet

Cartoon Helmet

Daft Punk Robot Helmet

Robot helmet from Daft Punk’s 11-minute long feature film Electroma.

Daft Punk Robot Helmet

Valentino Rossi Face Helmet

Designed by Aldo Drudi, the “face” helmet was worn by Valentino Rossi during the 2008 Italian Grand Prix at the Mugello Circuit.

Valentino Rossi Helmet

Valentino Rossi Face Helmet

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  1. leprosexy

    For clarification purposes, Daft Punk’s “Electroma” was actually 74 minutes long, not 11 minutes.

  2. rafael

    principaly if ur a bike rider, great ideas

  3. Alex

    Those are awesome! the lego one reminds me of the game “Dead Rising” !


    I have an Optimus Prime Voice Changer like that one. I want to see something like the one Master Chief wares in Halo 3. That would be aweZome!

  5. GY IT

    I love the Valentino Rossi helmet. I’m amazed I’ve never seen it before. Thanks for the chuckle.

  6. Whut.

    What? No link to the Darth Vader helmet?

  7. askungen01

    pretty sure the storm trooper AND the darth vader are really good costume pieces and not road legal.

  8. Cat Johnson

    What a great collection of creative and cool helmets. I love when art appears where you least expect it. Thanks for the great post and the design inspiration!

  9. Michael

    Well at least we know which one Obama would wear…

  10. pacman

    Michael – That ignorance getting you far in life? How’s that coming along ;)

  11. Valerie Babin

    Daft Punk!! <3

  12. Jacquely mcCammon-Junor

    The skeleton helmet could be placed on the grave of someone who has passed away and used to ride bikes. As for me, i am not riding bikes, and the Lord told me at Ezekiel 16:6 “I say unto you LIVE”

  13. Nora Reed

    Ha, these are great! Very creative with a great sense of humor. I would thoroughly enjoy seeing that riding down the street.

  14. limo

    awesome stuff mate ! keep that coming :)

  15. glicerina

    nice helmets

  16. Me-Mo

    I don’t get it. Which one would Obama wear ? And why ?

  17. Ugh.

    Pretty sure he meant the watermelon one, because he’s not racist, he’s just prejudiced against people of certain races.

  18. Xiara

    Very funny…

  19. Paul Seys

    Very cool post but how could you leave out Bret’s hair helmet from Flight of the Conchords – http://bit.ly/jL65o

  20. Meghan

    OMg. I want the lego one.

  21. Phil

    I think Obama would and should wear the “face” helmet

  22. Vic

    Awesome! Good idea for bikers!

  23. Hassan

    you shouldn’t tallk about Mr. president like this

  24. tun

    the skull one reminds me of ghostrider

  25. Dr Tom

    All very cool helmets. My Master Chief helmet – and my motorbike – are not in the same league as some of these (made with camp mat foam and duct tape – the helmet, not the bike) but you can check it out here: http://www.tomtilley.net/projects/halo-helmet

  26. Lyn

    This are cool…

  27. Angel

    I’m an avid biker fan. Love the helmets. Great idea and fun to boot!!

  28. Questy

    What cracking helmets, makes me want to buy a bike :-))

  29. vetweb

    Awesome!! Creative!!

  30. Barbara

    O fer heaven’s sake! Michael was speaking of Prez Obamaa’s publicly admitted fondness for Spider-Man comics! He was featured in a Spider-Man comic recently, too (and a couple of others)! Nothing racist there! Just geek.

    Awesome helmets, too!

  31. Mniya


  32. Tyler Menezes

    “Daft Punk’s 11-minute long feature film Electroma”

    Umm, Electroma is an hour long, not 11 minutes.

  33. Limo Hire

    looks awesome… great stuff

  34. water

    yeah watermelons

  35. mushashi

    I LOVE THE Skull Helmet, can you tell me where i can get it?

  36. Prabhushan

    i loved the cartoon helmet can anyone tell me where i can get one painted …

  37. Suhana

    rossi’s n that cartoon helmet r superb XD

  38. alif

    are they sold in indonesia?

  39. barry shereshevsky

    Great ideas for helmets.

  40. alay

    The one with the dudes face is hilarious, the skull ones is kind of douchebagish to me.

  41. josh

    where can i buy that kinds of helmets?or the cartoon helmet?where can i buy it?i want one of those.tnx

  42. Webhead

    how do i get or buy that Spiderman helmet?

  43. Richard

    I’ve made two helmets myself,a Masterchief helmet and a ODST helmet. I’m currently working on a Optimus Prime helmet. Great imaginations must be used during time of boredom and let’s face it, this world is going to shit so you might as well have fun.

  44. simon

    that’s a great work and i love the iron man helmet

  45. john


  46. thomas

    Daft Punk is were its at.

  47. pampalas


  48. moosa alias mohasin

    skull helmet is really perfect

  49. maxwell

    im a dj myself and i like the daft punk one where can i get it |__|

  50. Tiffany moxam

    I would like to buy the spider man helmet

  51. Frank

    Are these available for sale? Where?

  52. Peter Jones

    Looks great can we order for our charity ride next month.

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