Manga Food Plates

Manga Food Plates

Series of unusual food plates created by Japanese designer Mika Tsutai.

Designed to look like comic book panels, these creative plates will inspire you to play with your food.

Comic Book Food Plates

Comic Book Plates

Comics Plate

Manga Plate

Comics Plates

Manga Plates

Manga Food Plate

Comic Book Food Plate

Comic Book Plate

Manga Inspired Plate

Comic Book Inspired Plate

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  1. -_-

    this is pretty cool

  2. Sofa King

    I am very open minded with new ideas in art, but seriously this isn’t even that interesting.

  3. Shandya

    this is so awesome!!

  4. kahlie

    i have got say… i am confused. though i don’t want to down new ideas, i don’t see how this makes the food setting any more intriguing. i kind of takes away from the dishes rather than enhancing the presentation.

  5. ran

    nice….really nice

  6. li907


  7. Ninja Egg :D

    err….i love art but this is okay.

  8. Katie

    Doesn’t make much since with the food…

  9. MMM

    Interesting to look at, but as far as eating off of, not really….

  10. Lilia Smiles

    I agree with kahlie…this is confusing..the food doesn’t really tie in with the graphics. I think that if the choice of foods and the way they are arranged was pulled off a little better it might’ve come out looking more presentable. I have a very confused face right now O__o

  11. SD

    The food is just there to show function, I dont think its really meant to present an art piece with the plates. Pretty cool plate print design idea though.

  12. Miami

    I think its a very inventive idea but the food does not flow with the art work. As well as your just adding more dishes to be washed and only little or few portions per plate.
    I think making a while circular, square, rectangular, oval, triangle, or even Star shaped plates or swiveled designed plates with a matching themefor the inner design would help.

    Such as A star plate with a beautiful midnight scenery or a round plate with a shocked anime character (colored or black and white) with an opened mouth (with and idea of what types of food will fit in with the image.
    Also you can do sound effects which I thought was the most reasonable and effective way for these types of plates. The buyer will understand that the food goes either in the middle (if only one huge effect) or in all/many/some parts of the plate (if many different sound effects, with a reasonable enough space between each effect.)
    Sound effects sound coexist with the food. Such as A loud bang (which will have that black shocked screen tone or something dramatic) for spegetti or sauces, which make it look like someone through food at a window or something.
    Which of course there can be a broken or cracked window by the effect sound for more fun.

    I hope this was a major help. If you decide to get ideas from what I suggested please add me in the credits.

    (Ill give you my real name later :3

  13. sarah

    This is stunning work! And with regards to it ‘making much of the food’: hellooo, it’s sushi – it all pretty much looks the same wherever you go; what i applaud here is the new fresh way to present it conceptually. Props to you! :)

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