Giant Truck Sculpture

Big Rig Jig Giant Truck Sculpture

Big Rig Jig, creative sculpture designed by Mike Ross, is built from two repurposed 18-wheeler tanker trucks.

The sculpture utilizes two decommissioned trucks, referencing a global oil industry at the nexus of our world’s political, social, and environmental systems. By repurposing these symbolically rich objects, the artist conveys his admiration for and anxiety over humanity’s power.

Big Rig Jig Giant Truck Sculpture 2

Big Rig Jig Giant Truck Sculpture 3

Big Rig Jig Giant Truck Sculpture 4

Big Rig Jig Giant Truck Sculpture 5

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  1. whoa

    thats pretty cool, weird, awesome

  2. Patty Reiser

    I have to wonder what is holding all that up. The pictures are pretty cool. i will have to show my step-dad who used to be a truck driver.

  3. Marianne

    Both sculpture and pictures are awesome!

  4. ppint.


    (the top one *is* falling – but very, very slowly.)

  5. marios

  6. Louis

    It says nothing to me. Am I the only one?

  7. Beezy

    love the dramatic photos of this!

  8. Catherine


    Yes. It is. All those photos were taken at the event.

  9. Jef

    was that burned there? cuz if not it should totally be installed somewhere permanently. it’s brilliant.

  10. victor

    def. saw it at burning man

  11. Anthony Proulx

    I saw this at Burning Man! I can not wait for this year! One week away!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. t

    This is very nice and it looks time consuming. Probably required alot of man power.

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