Bounty Paper Towels Ad Campaign

Bounty Paper Towels Ad Campaign

To demonstrate the superior absorbency of Bounty paper towels, two giant spills were created in the middle of New York and Los Angeles.

Bounty Campaign in New York

On 7th Avenue in New York, busy commuters were greeted by a giant coffee cup knocked over and spilling onto the sidewalk – complete with steam and the aroma of freshly brewed coffee.

Bounty Ad Campaign in New York

Bounty Campaign in New York

Bounty Campaign in Los Angeles

In Los Angeles, weekend shoppers found a giant, 550 pound ice cream melting in the Third Street Promenade.

Bounty Ad Campaign in Los Angeles

Bounty Campaign in Los Angeles

Both spills were accompanied by sampling and outdoor ads delivering the message: Bounty – Makes small work of BIG spills.

Bounty - Makes small work of BIG spills

Advertising Agency: Publicis New York, USA

  1. danvertising

    Brilliant. Got to love the word of mouth that can be spread by guerilla tactics like this

  2. mostafa

    not bad

  3. dooliy

    i want to eat icecream

  4. Carlito


  5. Tyrone

    AWESOME concept! LOVE it!

  6. Elliot Messenger

    Fantastic, simple and engaging

  7. s2las

    Wonderful! Nice Concept…

  8. Steve

    It’s good

  9. Dan

    How did they manage to make it smell all day long?

  10. Jack Handy

    So where is the giant wad of paper towel…..and the giant trash can it goes into after it’s used?……how about the even bigger ginormous landfill where the giant wad ends up? F’ing advertising scum……

    Besides that….it’s about as guerilla as Chea sitting in a McDonalds drive through….

  11. paintbot

    so… is the ice lolly real or what? cos theres a dude licking it. i wouldnt want to lick it because everybody else would have. :S eww – stranger gob.

  12. shim

    isnt bounty now called plenty?

  13. dannybayridge

    I work where they had the giant coffee cup. It was actually kind of annoying since they put it in a really high traffic area.

  14. steve

    consumer graffiti

  15. Trenchancy

    I wonder if they’d make another giant popsicle for me. :P

    Lol @ Jack Handy and Paintbot.

  16. aditia

    wuw, how many people lick that ice ??

  17. alex h

    The concept is a bit obvious

  18. Hong-Ik Univ


  19. carter

    It’s great.

  20. doodaly do


  21. ewiz

    bounty is called plenty in england and i think the rest of europe

  22. Nellie

    I think all is just great, but i work for a beauty salon
    and we use bounty paper towels. Why don’t you have designs of hair do’s or finger nails?

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