Colorized Black and White Photos

Colorized Black and White Photos

Important photos from our history restored and colorized by Sanna Dullaway.

The color was added to old black and white photographs. “Past In Color”

V-J Day in Times Square

Colourized Black and White Photos

Winston Churchill


Migrant Mother

Old Photo Colorized

Dorothy Counts

Colorized Photo

Theodore Roosevelt

Colorized Black and White Photo

Charlie Chaplin

Colorized Photograph

Anne Frank

Sanna Dullaway

Mark Twain

Colorized Photographs

Saigon Execution

Colourized Photos

Charles Darwin

Past In Colour

Operation Crossroads

Colourized Photo

Che Guevara

Old Photos Colorized

Burning Monk

Colorized Photos

Albert Einstein

Colourized Old Photos

Alfred Hitchcock

Colorized Old Photos

Abraham Lincoln

Past In Color

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  1. Vania


  2. Gert

    The Lincoln ones are the most striking. Possibly because most of the others they had at least some color photography available at the time.

  3. Mel


  4. Tony Garrett

    Why??? The black & white photos convey much more timeless mystery. Colorizing is not adding any value to these, just as colorizing classic black & white films destroys the classic quality of these images.

  5. D

    I agree with Tony G.

  6. Sr. F


  7. Betty

    These are beautifully done. While usually I wonder why we need to colorized great B&W photographs like these, I can see with these, that there is something conveyed that’s a little different. Because these are so well done there is more immediacy. The B&W’s can be a little bit dismissed as “the past” but the colored versions make the moments they depict seem more real.

  8. Ian H.

    I like many of these, but the Migrant Mother and the Operation Crossroads ones seem better in black and white – there’s a purity to the image that’s lost in colorization.

  9. J

    My compliments to the color artist, I do this myself but this is top notch work. This isn’t easy to do which makes these pic incredible.. Great Job!

  10. Ru

    The self-immolating monk looks so powerful in colour with the saffron robes and bright flames.

    Very skillfully done.

  11. Falcy

    I think colorized b&w photos are useless but it might be a good idea for b&w movies.

  12. Rose

    Very striking. Depending on the image, the colour adds or subtracts from the event.

    Ian H is spot on, yet also agree with Tony G.

    Excellent work.

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