Beautiful Lamborghini X Concept

Beautiful Lamborghini X Concept

Emil Baddal, a talented artist from Iran, was not satisfied with the look of the Lamborghini Reventon, so he decided to design one himself. Enjoy!

Beautiful Lamborghini X Concept 2

Beautiful Lamborghini X Concept 3

Beautiful Lamborghini X Concept 4

Beautiful Lamborghini X Concept 5

Beautiful Lamborghini X Concept 6

Beautiful Lamborghini X Concept 7

Beautiful Lamborghini X Concept 8

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  1. TheTvHangman

    Now thats what im talking about! Does it come in red?

  2. heh


  3. jargen

    dude, that’s the sort of thing I’d expect to see in Transformers!

  4. KKL

    somehow this remind me of those japanese papercraft model..hmmmm

  5. Matt

    Seriously? This is the ugliest thing I’ve ever seen.

  6. Karin L. Stewart

    SWEET! And it is in just my color to coordinate with my wardrobe! I’ll take it!

  7. tech-mad

    it has a gorgeous side-profile, but from the front it kinda has an ‘appalled’ expression or a look of dismay (see photo 6), doesn’t it?

  8. Graham

    Yeah, i’m with matt, it’s ugly. Where are the nice curves??

  9. Bev

    Okay, I love curves on a car but its beautiful… It reminds me of a cobra, or other dangerous snakes. Its so edgy, I’m simply in love.

  10. karlitta


  11. Qwxsi

    That’s ugly! Even David Hasselhoff wouldn’t drive a car like that.

  12. Isabelle

    Wow. That’s so amazing. How could you guys think that that is ugly? Curves are so over used. No one drives anything with nice, crisp folds like that. It’s phenomenal. Think again, all of you.

  13. Vijay

    Great model and renderings. I think the front lets it down, there is too much reference to snakes. I do like the light details, well done.

  14. Bim

    That looks f-ing amazing! Evil! I love it!

  15. Joanne

    Okay. So the design is fine and kind of sharp (plus fierce). This kind of concept is not rare but I occasionally see it on high ways and in public.

    The yellow one is good, I must say. :)
    The green one makes me wanna eat avocado. Hahaha!

  16. Joanne

    OMG OMG OMG. I want to see the inside!!

  17. G

    Let them focus on the poor and hungry in our world instead

  18. greg


  19. automotive designer

    who the hell on earth does this to Lamborghini? was not satisfied with the look of reventon??? please erase the word “talented” I think this form totally sucks!
    btw nice 3d presentation but the design, OMG!

  20. gary

    There’s a good reason why professional car stylist/designers exist.

  21. danielvicente

    I bet you could pick up 1000 times nicer ladies on that “getlaid-machine” than the ones you could in the cars of those who say this is ugly… This cars says “i have taste and i like to stand out of the croud”, not like other people cars wich says “i just wanna fit” (sorry if that hurt greg, matt, qwxsi and graham ;) )

  22. z

    That is awesome! Why would anyone want “curves?” if you want curves go buy a 1990’s era car, they got plenty of curves. Anyone who says this is ugly already has disqualified themselves from having any taste/knowledge or concepts on cars. So people, do not take their comments seriously, they are confused.

  23. kevin

    Great execution, Terribad design. The bodylines don’t flow well at all. All the extras are too gimmicky. Automotive design is about form AND function.

    Great try, but try again.

  24. Martin

    like somebody said there it is like something out of transformers. Not real life.

  25. lano

    Don’t like it at all. It’s Ugly. It’s like stolen out of Transformers. Completely Hollywood, without character, without soul. Check out lamborghini Miura, That’s how a car should look!

  26. Paulius

    This car looks like a pair of sneakers, Reebok I’d guess.

    The making of a truly well designed car like anything else is not how far you can go with the design. It’s about being bold and aesthetically pleasing added with balance. Look at the Gallardo, Murciellago, and Lambos of past, they are ahead of the curb and very innovative designs, however they balance the art of technolgy with a crisp fluid design. A well designed car is a work of art, not something you would find in some Neo Mad Max film.

  27. John

    This reason to go to war with Iran alone.

  28. Chet

    I’m diggin’ it.

  29. Paul

    Two words…Road Overkill

  30. Richard

    Personally, I would like to see one between this and the current average consumer models in terms of edges and curves… And not like the newer models like the Nissan Cube, which is, in my opinion, really ugly. As for the Lamborghini, I think the fins are a bit excessive, and the could have been a little more creative on the front.

  31. Nate

    Beauty if definitely in the eye of the beholder here. Looks like crap to me.

  32. Tiber

    Do something with the airhole wedges in the front, and you’ll have my blessing.

  33. mytwocents

    I’m not going to rip on someone’s fantasy car design. After all, it IS well executed and creative. Good job.

  34. Don

    Its Awesome!!! But I bet you can`t even go on the sidewalk with that;

  35. divinefusion

    Oh, I”m totally drooling. It official – I’m offering my test driving skills, call me!

  36. Oscar Blanco

    3D render concept car btw, NOT PHOTOS (for those who think this is an actual car).
    On regards to the design, there are some really nice solutions. The edgy lines are cool, but not within the Lamborghini style, which, even though it always has a tendency for straight lines and sharp angles, doesn’t go all the way to sharp edges and paper thin panels. Borders are gentle and soft, precisely to take away a bit from the hard angles and straight lines. I’ve always felt Lamborghini has some really cool looking vehicles, but sometimes they almost look not entirely aerodynamic because of the hard angles.

    In general, this concept looks kinda frail, almost like a paper car. So I would say it’s a half way done solution, a first draft of a concept.

    If I where a design exec at Lamborghini I would probably take it and find it’s good points to rescue and request modifications to some stuff, but then again, I’m not. So from a purely spectator point of view, and with a more limited knowledge of 3D design or Car concept design I will simply say, it’s a good concept, but not great.

  37. Bob Dobalina

    I’m in the “It’s beautiful” camp. The lines on it are awesome.

  38. kelven cheah

    excellent, kill all the road.

  39. Dayne

    Something about it just screams XBOX 360… its not a bad thing…

  40. kainoa

    I think most of you missed the point…it’s a CONCEPT. The point of a concept is to push new design ideas. If it were the same bland ‘curved lines’ stuff you see elsewhere it’d be boring and uninspiring. New, unique ideas are foreign at first, but the real idea is innovation. Something that inspires.

    In that sense, i think this is totally successful. With that said though, i think the rear end appears to be smiling at me :)

  41. dethskwirl

    does it go very fast?

  42. Don

    should be black/ or red/ white…. but not…. poo-green =.=

  43. WetcoastBob

    @danielvicente The best babe magnet is an original Beetle convertable. Just dress well.

  44. Garrett Dabbs

    Does anyone else notice that there is no forseeable way to get into the car as it has no door handles?

  45. P. Orno Dan

    @ Garrett Debbs… Ur on a car site and u seriously never heard of shaven door handles? wow

    As for the rest of u, yeah yellow or white be my choice it just so bold so crazy so different but screams try to take me on.
    I love it, if i had the money i would build it right now

  46. meh

    After producing millions of cars which appear to have been blown up with a straw in the tailpipe, has the roundmobile look finally played itself out?

    The next logical step is to move on to the insect world and a host of bug-buggies, of course. I mean look at the lines on that thing (laff). All it needs are antennae.

    Unbelievable what’s on the roads these days.

  47. eden

    Looks like it’s invisible to radar

  48. jt

    Nice. But that front shot looks like an angry bird.

  49. Rahul Srinivas

    Ugly or not. This is one hell of a head turner.

  50. Trenchancy

    Quote by greg:


    -high fives-

  51. Sam

    That is stunning – if you saw that front in your rear view, you would let it past !! – and the back looks like a wasps face ready to pounce on the road !!

  52. Kadeem

    You guys are taking this WAY too seriously! It’s a CONCEPT. Sheesh.

  53. Uwes

    This is too ugly for words!! OMW!!!

  54. delere

    In this case it’s a good thing most concept cars don’t make it to reality. I just don’t find in attractive in any way.

  55. Krylun

    Excellent Model and renders.

    I’m not really a fan of the concept. A huge aspect of automotive design, in my experience, is knowing when to stop. More intakes is not always the answer, but to each his own. I also think that the Bertone wheel arches are a bit over the top.

    And @z: If you say that if I don’t care for this design I have “disqualified [myself] from having any taste/knowledge or concepts on cars”, I guess I am confused and should probably reconsider my choice of career. Thank you.

  56. johnjohn

    when you dont like something then do it by yourself, the actual exercise is a success !
    Really great execution about what was in your mind !

  57. naveed ahmad

    WOW i neeeeeeeed one this is really nasty thing..great job lambo…

  58. Jaqi Mugo

    Oh come on, you guys. Think origami, curves aren’t the only thing that make a car or woman beautiful.

    I’m with Joanne, I wanna see inside. I’d also love to see this in other colours like red, black or metallic.

    I became a Lamborghini fan today, this rocks!

  59. Thomas

    The only thing I liked about it is the wheels

  60. Tristan

    They are very goog cars they raise up on speed bumps the resan wy i like a lamborghini is because the doors go up and i would realy like to by one if you would like to leave me a e mail my user is by

  61. Hyi vittu

    it`s ugly

  62. Boshvek

    B U T FULL i will buy 100 %

  63. raprap

    Very nice ability with the rendering. A little too much anglular for my taste. Can it be too cutting edge?
    Needs to be softer. I’d like to see the wind tunnel analysis. I bet there would some conflicts.

  64. ShaYan


  65. Shahin nOiS3

    WOW It’s Super Car
    I wish to ride With it

  66. jamie \m/(*.*)\m/

    lovin’ it! im sorry but who honestly goes “hey i think im gonna design a lamborghini today.” and then accomplishes making a beautiful car…

  67. Yousef

    oooooh,what a surprise,thanks IRANIAN MAN.

  68. Craig

    Sorry Emil, but this is a perfect example of why I object to putting high end CAD rendering tools in the hands of untrained designers. The rendering looks good of course but the design is quite poor.

  69. Adam

    They need to flatten that back end out so it isn’t so much of a V shape and it will be perfection!

    And as for the design being poor, that is the most ridiculous statement that i have ever had the misfortune of reading!
    Try a little harder next time!

  70. Shubrus D. Infurnus

    horribly awesome!!!!

  71. cameron

    I’m sorry but, the design is much to much, Lamborghini has class, hertige, and respect, this car looks like it tries so hard to get attention when all lamborghini’s have other car companies saying “make a car like Lamborghini” the car (in my opinion) is much worse than the Reventon.

  72. cameron

    The wheels are good though, not better than reventon’s though.

  73. Fred R. Wallace

    Can I pre-order? I’m serious

  74. Tyler

    I have never seen an ugly Lamborghini before but this one comes close. There is a reason that car designers work in pairs not alone, plus who doesn’t like a Lamborghini Reventon? That is the best car in the world but I hope to own a Murcielago in a few years

  75. jonkibwe/jonkibway

    that is the hottest car i hav seen eeeeeeevvvvvvvvvveeeeeeerrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

  76. Masoud

    So Beautiful!!!

  77. Hessam

    Nice job dude. It seriously IS in Lamborghini style, but you should rethink about the rear view. The V view of the rear part of the car is so ugly i think.

  78. Manish Ahuja

    I LOVE the look of the tires on that thing.Simply AWESOME

  79. Kevin

    Better design than a Reventon? Ummm NO. But kudos for the time invested.

  80. Lambo-wanter

    That car could be pretty gangster if you pimped it a bit, gave it sum N20, new skiet and a wing, but yeh i want it

  81. ignacio


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