Tree House Inspired Building

Tree House Inspired Building

Dr Chau Chak Wing Building designed by famous architect Frank Gehry.

Eleven storey building will provide teaching, learning, research and office accommodation for the UTS Business School in Sydney, Australia.

Dr Chau Chak Wing Building

UTS Building

Frank Gehry imagined a building that was a cluster of tree houses, or vertical stacks of office floors with spatial “cracks” in between.

Sydney University of Technology

The structure will have two unique facades, one composed of undulating brick, and the other will feature angled sheets of glass.

Glass Facade

UTS Business School

$150 million construction will start in 2012, photos by Gehry Partners.

Frank Gehry Business School

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  1. jumanicus

    no offence to the artist but that just looks like he built it just normal and straight, and then dropped it or something, then just said “meh, that’ll do”

  2. linaeus

    looks like gehry designed it while drunk

  3. linaeus

    @ jumanicus -have you ever seen anything else gehry has designed? you’d be surprised, this isn’t THAT unusal for him,

  4. DAN


  5. Danyell

    It looks like it’s crumbling.

  6. Frank Meijer

    Maybe a famous guy, but quite weird..
    Has he already been hostipalized? :)

  7. Brandwine

    This looks like they made a model out of chocolate, then left it out in the sun to melt! Not a visually appealing, boundary-pushing, or stimulating work/learning environment in my opinion. Would have to be there in real life to have any hope of changing my opinion. It looks like indulgence for indulgence’s sake to me.

  8. Blorgh

    Have any of you that don’t like it considered the impact of seeing this building along a street filled with industrialist sky scrapers and other token stylistic choices of Capitalism, the giant phallic monoliths of power?

    It is a literal break and departure from not only that early 20th century style but also from the mentality that we must represent power in our architecture.

  9. Juliee


  10. forumlogic

    Totally agree with Blorgh this will be a landmark building for the nation to be proud of. It makes me want to learn more about the technical problems that it has to resolve to make it possible.

  11. Cory

    just looks stupid, ive only seen the disney opera house by frank ghery, but this is just bad

  12. Zunny

    looks like some sort of heat bomb hit a rather boring building.Technically impressive it may be , but does not illicit joy or wonder, more like decay and destruction.

  13. Katie

    Looks like crumpled paper bags to me.

  14. Dane

    I understand the effect it SHOULD have, but the problem is that is doesn’t. We see designs here are that are subtle, understated, technically amazing, or whatever; but they still push the limits. This extraordinarily ordinary, somehow. It’s different, sure, but I don’t feel like something new has been done, or some giant stride to the future has been made. Kudos to him for designing a building, that’s something I’ll never do.

    Consider this, though. Salvador Dali will often be considered “messy”, “plain” or “ugly” by a normal person. But after a few moments, the piece absolutely speaks to anyone who views it. Someway, somehow. I am no expert, that is for sure. And this doesn’t speak to me, but that doesn’t mean it speaks to no one. As an artist, it only needs to reach one person, and that’s you. So, keep it up, make buildings and even if you reach no one but yourself, you win. Good job.

  15. Rose

    I fail to see the ‘tree house’aspect of this building.

    I don’t like it, I agree that it looks ‘squashed’.
    I understand that it is a concept and what it tries to represent, but sadly, I think it has failed.

  16. Gert

    Looks like an earthquake already hit it. I’d be pretty inspired not to hang out in there if for no other reason as it doesn’t look the least bit structurally safe.

    Frankly, this is just ugly, not innovative. I’d rather have some flat facade building with no interest at all than this monstrosity.

  17. Bryce

    Architecture is a means of civic engagement. Even if you hate it, youre still talking about it. Passions have been aroused. Isnt that the mark of something important?

  18. gnarf

    looks like the one in germany

  19. Kian Erika

    I like Gehry’s work but this one just created a vortex in my eyes. I’d probably get distracted driving by it and eventually end up in some hospital. Still, I like seeing these peculiar creations of his.

  20. Anatoli

    Judging by all the comments above, Gehry has succeeded in making his point once again!
    For those whining about the building’s deconstructed appearance, that was also part of the point ;)

  21. bert

    have to say his design almost always makes me dizzy…

  22. Manpreet

    I don’t think any of these people are whining. They are expressing their opinions about this horrifying design that I would just about puke upon if I saw it constructed. It looks hideous.

  23. Anatoli


    In this case I would like to ask you: what is more important – making a strong design statement or making a building look ‘pretty’?

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