Formula 1 Car made out of Bread

Formula 1 Car made out of Bread

Talented chefs from the Royal Plaza on Scotts hotel in Singapore have created this awesome life-sized Formula 1 race car out of different types of bread.

It took a total of 14 litres of water, 15 kg of yeast, 2 kg of salt, 10800 ml of food varnish and 549 hours of hard work to complete the car.

F1 Car made out of Bread

Bread Formula 1 Car

Bread F1 Car

Formula 1 Race Car made out of Bread

Bread Formula 1 Race Car

F1 Race Car made out of Bread

Bread F1 Race Car

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  1. Reuben Lemer

    Ah, gotta love fast good, it must have been very tyring to make though

  2. lrbell

    I bet that cost a lot of dough…. … …

  3. Tom

    What’s the BAKE horse power on that thing……..teehee!

  4. Batterycentury

    Oh, delicious, I wanna it!!

  5. shweta

    very creative

  6. Karin Stewart

    I don’t have enough “bread” to buy this one!!!

  7. Louis

    While children starve. What a waste.

  8. Reuben Lemer

    Whoever had the money to make this earned that money, Louis. That bread is theirs to do what they want with it, it’s not a waste, it’s art.

    That’s like saying water painting is a waste because of thirsty children

  9. silvia

    I agree with Louis.
    So many materials, so many waste, plastic bags, garbage, tires, I don’t know…
    And you have to make a car out of bread?
    God… what is the purpose of that?
    It’s like that dog in that exhibition… Starved to death…

  10. aaron

    What is the point of this?
    What is next the Eiffel Tower in Bread,
    at full scale no less!

    If this actually fed people I could get excited, this belongs on a cruise ship somewhere with lots of hungry people to devour it.

  11. Critical Eye

    I guess it’s kinda wasteful, but there’s no food shortage in this world… the problem is in distribution. The fact that this bread car exists doesn’t take food out of anyone’s mouth.

    One could argue that art is not necessary for survival, so the money spent on any artistic endeavor would be better spent on feeding the hungry.

  12. pdxchef

    it’s bread… it takes pennies to make. it’s funny how people can find anything to complain about instead of just taking things as they are. So what if they pissed away $50 on making a car out of bread. It’s artistic, and promotes teamwork and feeds creativity. There are people out there that wastes 50 bucks on drugs, gambling, hookers, etc.

  13. shayan

    very good

  14. Jared

    Silvia, that “dog starving to death” exhibit was fake

  15. FoxyBoxers

    ok, Silvia, Louis.
    i guees your the same person. its a hunch. but anyway, i hvae some points for you/
    1. youd have to be pretty thick to think that starving a dog would be allowed in an art exhibition. ever watched animal cops? i mean come on, youd get done for alot less.
    2.why dont you go and feed starving children, since you seem to be so angry about something which, to be honest, doesnt really have anything to do with it.
    3. ive never seen you here before, i dont like new people, and before you say that you have never seen me here bofre either, ive been commenting on here for a while. i changed my name recently
    4. im sure if someone has enought money for a car made of bread they would give a resonable amount of money to charity. as would i.
    5. i really, REALLY want to sit in the car and see if it can take my weight.
    6. get out of your moms basement.

  16. FoxyBoxers

    dont make fun of my spelling, i have dislexia.

  17. Tom

    Which kind of bread is on dark parts of F1?

  18. Anirtak

    That’s what I’m curious to know, Tom!

  19. 774RR

    Kobayashi “I try to make my F1 car in Sushi.”

  20. Azizuan Aziz

    This chef are awesome. It’s totally creative.

  21. Reuben Lemer

    Gotta love fast food

  22. Li

    why waste so much bread when they could give it to hungry children in Africa..

  23. Tony

    The best thing about this for me, is the corny jokes people are coming up with.

    I agree it’s a waste of a food.
    The jokes are cracking me up though.
    Every time I thought of one, I scrolled down to find I was beaten to the punch.

    Foxy, A bit rich to say “Get out of your Mom’s basement” when you say something like “I don’t like new people”.
    This is the internet, grow up.

  24. Viewer10169

    cool, they built a car out of bread. I’m sure it took them a lot of effort and time, but it seems that they had a blast doing it, so good for them!

    Hopefully, they won’t just let the bread rot. They can either preserve it or ship it out to Africa or other developing countries; it’s their call.

    btw Foxy, seriously, how old are you????

  25. carlos

    Those of you hoping to drive this to Africa (the only continent it seems that’s totally devoid of bread) might want to note that they’ve varnished it to preserve it. I suppose the Africans could dig out the centers of the loaves for food.

    There is more food thrown away on a daily basis in most cities than this represents.

    Let’s say they decided this would be a terrible waste of food….. By not creating this bread car how many Africans are fed? The correct answer is 0. Not making this car feeds exactly 0 people. Sending this bread to another continent would only feed an insignificantly small percentage of those starving. There are a number of problems associated with feeding starving people all over the world. Distribution has already been mentioned, but worse than that is the political situation in many poor countries. NGOs have tried to get food to those who need it but often it gets tied up in red tape, corrupt officials take what they want and the rest is left to rot.

    There are many things in the world worth taking a stand against. A car made out of bread is pretty far down any reasonable list.

  26. kamelia

    very creative and delicious also
    should be try …

  27. azi

    yes, its wonderful, but I think they must send it to poor and hungry children in Africa.

  28. Coral

    well i think its a nice piece of artwork, and if people want to use bread in this way then let them.

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