Edible Shoes Made of Bread

Edible Shoes Made of Bread

Twin brothers Remigijus and Egidijus Praspaliauskas designed a series of unique shoes made out of bread.

Available in a variety of designs, each pair of edible Bread Shoes costs €22 and comes in a hand picked cardboard box.

Shoes Made Out of Bread

Shoes made of Bread

Slip On Shoes Made Out of Bread

Loafer Shoes made of Bread

Loafers Made Out of Bread

Loafer Shoes Made Out of Bread

Loafers made of Bread

Bread Loafers

Bread Shoes

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  1. Reilly

    Pure genius. Forgot the energy or health crisis… make shoes of bread.

  2. unDave

    You gotta be kidding…… what about the smell? The dirt? Iugh!

    Not such a good idea i think…..

    -by unDave™

  3. Awe something

    €22 or €2,2?

  4. sala

    hah“so cute ,Children should love it .

  5. kimi

    ahaha… LOAFers! get it?

  6. Karen

    LOL. i love these :D i would totally buy them just to be ridiculous.

  7. :D

    haha nice one kimi…i dnt get the point of them tho…very random…

  8. Karin Stewart

    Not to mention what would happen to them after the first couple of steps out of the house, or the first couple of steps when it was raining. LOL!!!

  9. Paul Sample

    WFT!! Very creative mmmh now i’m hungry.

  10. irene

    don’t like them. other people would be glad having some bread, but what are they doing instead? they’re making shoes. wtf?

  11. Roland

    Well, it’s a cool idea for one-time shoes, like in hotels :) These can be in 7-star hotel :D What about the quality? I don’t think those are practical. But they are cool. You can tell your friends that you have no money, so on your birthday you had a shou filled with a bacon and cheese.
    From another point of view it’s a spit in the face of African’s, where people can only dream of having a fresh bread…

  12. Yao Jia

    Are you sure the shoes are meant to be worn and not bread shaped like shoes to be eaten?? Who would want to go around wearing bread??Weird product…lolz

  13. Sil

    Food in your feet? Gross… Creative? Come on people, it´s stupid.

  14. ariel

    if i eat this bread, i imagine smell the shoes sting. not agood idea.

  15. Johannes

    It´s a great Idea, but taken from H.R. Gigers breadshoes back in the 80s. But it`s cool, no doubt.

  16. andre

    Ok people, why all of you think those shoes are for wearing… haven’t you realized how practical is to make a sandwich out of them…

  17. gary

    I like the idea, but there’s no way they’ll fit in my toaster.And where do i put the jam?

  18. Bon-fire

    What about the crumbs?
    Forget the feet throw some turkey, tomaTOE, and lettuce and call it lunch!

  19. Laura

    So funny :) A new way to reduce carbs in the diet :0)

  20. Critical Eye

    Is this suppose to be some sort of artistic statement?

  21. BLOGitse

    soooo cooool! :-)

  22. JD

    Hmmmm…so do you wear them or eat them?! Because you surely can’t wear them THEN eat them!!

  23. Design Informer

    Very cool.

  24. itsbrandnew

    are these actually like sold?! omg thats so funny!!!

  25. I would rather wear them than eat them

    22 pounds for a little bread !

  26. Anirtak

    i can make this myself

  27. Jessica

    I want to see some feet in those shoes!

  28. crsfoto

    Yeah…consensus = this is just not smart or all that clever…and a pretty gross concept.

  29. Pras

    you need jam for that. hahahah…very cool

  30. Azizuan Aziz

    cool but I will never pay that much for a bread

  31. Cherry

    Okay so maybe its just me but its the same shoe type every time, it just the bread loaf thats different. I would be far more impressed if they had a sandal or a thong/flip-flop or a high heel. The ‘loafer’ while a fun play on words is just boring.

  32. hallowe'en flavr

    they will go great with my hat of meat!

  33. Mojtaba

    Hey, We sure it hasn’t any bad smell? haaha!!!

  34. dave

    Fantastic, I have always wondered what to do with toe cheese. Wear once and eat.

  35. mussman

    Lennon said it in ‘Come Together,’ when he mentioned ‘toe jam football.’

  36. Y

    That’s perfect because I know some people whose feet smell like cheese!

  37. Delon Bouler

    Hey I was wondering where I could purchase some of these bread loafers at. Please contact me back with information.


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