17 Amazing Food Carvings

17 Amazing Food Carvings

Tamás Balla, a talented Hungarian photographer, creates incredible food art by carving faces into fruits and vegetables.

Using an X-acto knife, he transforms regular food into emotive faces and amusing creatures enhanced with eyes, mouths, and teeth.


Edit: Some of these cool food creations are by Saxton Freymann.

Vegetable Art

Fruit Art by Saxton Freymann

Bread Art by Saxton Freymann

Food Carving

Potato Art by Saxton Freymann

Orange Art by Saxton Freymann

Bread Hand

Apple Butterfly

Lemon Art

Food Art by Saxton Freyman

Food Carvings

Orange Lady

Fruit and Vegetable Art

Lemon Carving

Tomato Art

Watermelon Art

Bread Art

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  1. unDave

    One word.


    -by unDave™

  2. MochiPu


  3. atari

    cool! but how are the tomatos standing??

  4. ajayjshah

    love the pear and lemon, awesome!

  5. Kath

    Why is the lemon peeing on the medication?

  6. derschreckliche

    Nice stuff, really funny!
    The only problem with them is – they won’t last/live very long ;-P

  7. Aseem

    Love it…

  8. Fillibert

    sheep. amazing

  9. Bone

    it’s really funny!

  10. bdotcalm

    Clever and pains taking. The apple butterfly is exquisite.

  11. Jamie

    This shows just how great America is. We pay farmers not to grow food and we still have so much that we can use it as art supplies.

  12. Mask

    this is amazing – lemon suicide in 3, 2, 1…

  13. Stephanie Horn

    Yeah… these creep me out. Amazing detail and emotion, but creepy.

  14. EdSanDiego

    Fantastic. Love the oranage looking into the abyss.

  15. Meliana

    Wow.. so cool. All pic is looking awesome.

  16. Fuad Ahasan Chowdhury

    I wish i can do this. :p great works :)

  17. Fresh

    love the watermelon. pure amazingness, but these people have way too much time on their hands :)

  18. aparupa

    simply mindblowing!!loved the lemon suicide and apple butterfly… keep the good work up!

  19. itsbrandnew

    I love it!!! I’m gonna make some food carvings! LOL!




    I am surprised by this … totally awesome artwork… love the lemon and orange one

  22. setzer

    Wow, amazing! Very cool!

  23. anna

    wow the last one is sooo creepy

  24. Mahmudur Rahman

    Great Creative work. Inspired. Truly amazing. Thanks for sharing this awesome post. :)

  25. labeeb

    hahaha awesome. All the orange ones are funny

  26. jecelle lou alajas

    i like it so much! very creative!

  27. blue arimado

    nice i like to learn like this so amazing….

  28. Nira

    amazing work….great concept

  29. Gleden

    really amazing you know but it really takes time to finish that thing :)

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