14 Unique and Stylish Chair Designs

14 Unique and Stylish Chair Designs

Stylish chairs and unique chair designs that will spice up your home or office and impress your friends.

Zero Gravity Chair

This recliner chair encourages good posture when sitting and is probably the closest you will ever get to experiencing zero gravity.

Zero Gravity Chair

Robo Chair

Stylish modern chair design by Italian designer Luca Nichetto.

Robo Chair

Firewood Chair

Sheet of steel curves around your firewood to resemble a chair.

Firewood Chair

Chrome Chair

Continuous morphing polished aluminium loop in the form of a chair.

Chrome Chair

Vertex Chair

Triangular planes meet dynamically to create this stylish chair.

Vertex Chair

Bookseat Chair

Brilliant combination of a chair and a bookshelf saves space and creates a perfect place for reading.


Cube Chair

Elegant chair concept designed by Svilen Gamolov from Bulgaria.

Cube Chair

Roulade Chair

Stylish combination of a mattress, chair and a couch designed for the Mungo Park theatre.

Roulade Chair

Ode Chair

Contemporary chair hand crafted from wood by Jolyon Yates.

Ode Chair

Self-Sustainable Chair

Creative dress connects to shoes that pump air into an inflatable bubble. With each step, the dress slowly transforms into a chair.

Self-Sustainable Chair

Leaf Chair

Elegant minimalist chair designed by Mehtap Obuz for ilio.

Leaf Chair

Orchid Chair

Beautiful and stylish chair designed by Christian Flindt.

Orchid Chair

Myrkr Chair

Cool chair made from a single laser cut sheet of 12mm plywood and 144 dowels with no metal connections.

Myrkr Chair

Eklipse Chair

Modern chair designed by Sylvia Colombini and Zoran Jedrejcic merges the boundaries between art and furniture.

Eklipse Chair

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  1. Mika

    Wow.. that self sustainable chair is just…wow. I think I’ll pass on that one.

  2. Julie

    Haha agree with Mika on the self sustainable chair…

    Just. Uhhhh..

  3. KKL

    self sustainable chair .. try get on a bus during rush hour with that.. hahaha

  4. psychodork

    The self sustainable chair is genius, dispite being something ridiculous that no one would ever use it. I think it would qualify as a chindogu.

  5. Bill

    for Self-Sustainable Chair.
    don’t trouble yourself.!

  6. stewbert

    The self sustaining chair is really the worst design I’ve seen on this site … ever.

  7. :)

    self sustainable chair…
    who would want to go around looking like that?

  8. chetan

    I wish i have Zero Gravity Chair.. :)

  9. Final

    self sustaining chair ????

  10. Betty

    The book shelf chair gets my vote! Although, it could use some arms or sides so I could curl up with one of my books, on the chair.

  11. Peach

    Haha, self sustainable is just hilarious. The Zero Gravity one is pretty damn scary as well. Great stuff though!

  12. Kolin

    the book shelf one would be fantastic with some leather padding and an arm.

  13. WP-Expresso

    The Vertex Chair is perfect for another series of Lady Gaga videos :D

  14. forumlogic

    lol – self-sustainable chair, only for very, very short sits: she had to end the phone call quickly as she was rapidly descending towards the pavement!! Methinks the design has a leak ….

  15. Kumar

    I like the ZERO Gravity chair.. Where can i buy it..

  16. GustaveCo

    wtf @ the Self-Substainable Chair.


  17. Steve

    Eklipse chair ftw :), and The Cube is niiiiiice.

  18. RobHimself

    More like self image-tarnishing chair. wow.
    That Myrkr chair is a stunning design. Self-sustainable chair girl should take notes.

  19. rob

    Self-sustainable chair!
    Picture 1 – She looks like she’s struggling to walk.
    Picture 2 – She’s obviously using the bathroom.
    Picture 3 – She quit the photo shoot and is desperate to get a ride home before anyone else sees her in that giant inflatable diaper.

  20. tim

    Zero gravity chair got my vote.

  21. timmay

    i think the zero gravity chair is awesome but the self sustainable chair is unusual i mean who would want to use that. and the fire wood and the book chair are nice.
    u can curl up and read o book by the fire, and all u have to do u get up and take piece of wood under the chair

  22. latincrow

    must have zero gravity chair now!!!!

  23. delere

    I vote for the zero gravity chair.
    Some of the others are beautiful forms but do not appear to be truly functional as a comfortable chair (who want’s to sit on an uncomfortable chair?)
    No comment on the self sustainable…thing.

  24. Zoran

    well, as a eklipse designer, I will non vote for me.. ;-)))))
    .. so, vote for Roulade Chair….

  25. Aaron

    Zero Gravity Recliner on sale for only $1,995.00! No thanks.
    Cool concept although I would likely fall forward or backward very easily

  26. Tiemen

    (Zero) Gravity has been around for some time now. Sold ours couple of years ago *sigh*; it just took too many square metres of livingroom. It was a wonderful chair though (and after a couple of days you learn how to fall asleep in it, easily)!

  27. kiz

    I like the zero gravity chair, but I wonder you do you actually manage to get into that position without rolling upside down. Besides, when you are sitting normally the base sticks out too much — anybody walking around you should be careful!

  28. Cory

    i dont know one person who wouldnt pop that self sustainable chair if they someone wearing it. plaus, its just so, so impractical.

  29. Martin Chaov

    I really like the zero gravity chair :)

  30. jeffrey

    i like the zero graviry chair :) but how do you not fall off when getting on and off?

  31. rrhakim

    chrome chair looks like gameloft logo

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