Underground House in Switzerland

Underground House in Switzerland

Stunning house, designed by SeARCH and Christian Muller Architects, is fully embedded in the alpine landscape of Vals, Switzerland.

The viewing angle from the building is slightly inclined, giving an even more dramatic view of the beautiful mountains. [photos by Iwan Baan]

Underground House

Underground House in Vals

Underground House Interior

Villa Vals

Underground Holiday Villa

Underground Home Interior

Underground Home

Underground Villa

Villa Vals in Switzerland

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  1. Chad

    The railing is unfortunate, but I guess you don’t want anyone dropping by in the wrong sense of the word.

  2. KKL

    one word…. Rain??

  3. Chris


    Three words – Free swimming pool :P

  4. Sky_pirate

    I would love to live in a place like that! So unique!

  5. Alex

    Earthquake = Bad.

  6. enav

    pretty neat work…. so lovely

  7. Hal

    I think that’s the house you WANT to be in if there is an Earthquake. Better that than a 10-story building.

  8. linou

    really amasing I want it !!!!!

  9. Curtis

    2 words: bomb shelter

  10. dollydigital

    One word – Hobbitsz

  11. Muddy

    Plenty of underground homes in Coober Pedy in South Australia.I have stayed at an u/g motel there that was similar design as this,rain isn’t a problem,still have drains and rain is kept out the same way as conventional house,just that the roof is earth.Very cool in summer when outside temp is 40 degrees celsius.

  12. Art of Concept

    Kinda nice, kinda weird…
    But I guess you can really get your friends to “drop” by!

  13. Peter Hodgson

    Building an unconventional house has the problem that there is little or no previous experience on behalf of the builders. It is always a risk.

    The thing that surprised me was to see the surrounding houses. I would have expected more isolated settings. Maybe there’s not much room for isolation left in the world. :-(

  14. HotGod

    The lack of windows increases the claustrophobic feeling one gets from living in such a place.

  15. JBleezy

    Reminds me of hobbits!

  16. timmay

    @chris it couldn’t be a swimming pool cuz water wuld leak in the house, @kkl i agree wut if it rains? big flood.

  17. Karin L.

    I saw underground houses in the 60’s where I live. They are so energy efficient. Why aren’t there more of them?

  18. Machine

    Rain: from my point of view this isn´t a real problem, because it is built on a hillside. Before this house will be flooded, the others downhill will be 5-6 meters underwater, guess that´s nearly impossible (in switzerland)

    I think one really good thing about building this houses in the alps: it is avalanche-secure, think of that :)

    The only bad thing i can see is the lack of light… and to light the whole thing it maybe needs to much power…
    I think a vent at the top of that where sunlight can flow in easier would solve that problem.

    The big advantage of building underground is natural temperature regulation: it cools down in summer and don´t get that cold in winter.

  19. Crystal B

    Wow. My first thought was. TORNADO proof!!!! heh.

    It’s really hard to tell, but it seems like there’s a lot of windows, and natural light sources. It is definitely someplace I would live, despite the perk of being an ideal place where you would be tornado safe. (Can you tell that is a concern?)

  20. Fresh

    pretty darn neato, except the railing and what about flooding? where would the water go?

  21. Rob

    Flash, downhill

  22. Damola

    Fantastic, creative, but needs creativity in mapping out an escape root if need be.

  23. mofa

    tornado, earthquakes.. idont think that they have these problems there :)
    But water could be a problem

  24. Febri Andi Pratama

    Amazing, Is this Good Idea….
    Inspirations for us…^^

  25. Moo

    OH MY GOD IT’S THE SHIRE!!!! I would absolutely love to live there. Love the bathroom, too. I’m assuming they have some sort of drainage system in place for when it rains.

  26. Moo

    Also I don’t think lack of sunlight is a problem – there are plenty of windows! I don’t think the house goes back that deep so I’m assuming that every room has at least one window.


    Lol, it’s probably sloped with a drain somewhere for when it rains.

  28. John

    Floods, tornadoes, hobbits? Come on, it’s a damn cool house and you all know it. Probably not the most practical or to everyones taste but that view framed by the round curve is just mad stunning.

  29. samkinkel

    For the 21st century bilbo baggins.

  30. RobHimself

    Architects, engineers and contractors don’t just build things in the hopes that they might work. I’m pretty sure things like drainage and the structure itself have been well thought out. This seems like a pretty solid design to me, I’d love to have a place like that! Granted, I’d rather not have other houses right there, but it looks like they don’t really affect the view too much being at a lower elevation.

  31. chetan haria

    Cute, Lovely, I would like to own

  32. bty

    Underground houses are actually safer in the event of an earthquake, or fire, and I’m sure they’ve taken care of drainage.

  33. Kenneth Connolly

    Giant Domestic Mole Hole – Not for me. No back door! Have urge to fill hole with dirt LOL. Bizarre earth crater.

  34. :)


  35. Ex

    well , i dont like the position of house it could be higher up the hill ..i mean owner could buy more land at slopes to have peace n quiet + could use sun & wind energy to power house …..enterier is bit clumsy done with furniture ..claustrofobic instead to be more open modern place for daily activities ..as paradox to the underground placing i like mixture of materials used but confusion in using furnoture is visible .i liked how enterance had been done (spacy) ..maybe + garage for eletrical car to be stored & connected to the main structure by tunnel

  36. Tin

    Woah. Construction for this must be hard.

    Well, still nice.

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