Compact House for your Backyard

Compact House for your Backyard

Habitable Polyhedron is a beautiful compact house designed to serve as a peaceful and relaxing summer escape from our busy lives.

This stylish backyard house comes with large windows that provide natural light, plenty of shelves for storage, and a drawing area for kids.

Modern Summer House

Summer House

Habitable Polyhedron

Polygon House

House for your Backyard

Compact Summer House

Unique Summer House

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  1. samkinkel

    it’s like a hobbit house, without the hill! haha.
    I’d like one of these, it’d be cool to have (if I had the right backyard for it :/)

  2. Molly

    Hmmmm maybe I’ll move out there and let my son have my bedroom ;) Nice!!

  3. :)

    this is nice!!!

  4. BosluisTepel

    This is stupid…there is no way to put up blinds in front of the big window/door. What about privacy?

  5. Kikishua

    I’d love this for a home office. But it looks like it’s about the size of my back garden. *sigh*

  6. Den

    I just love it! I agree, nice home office!

  7. Mr.Great

    On Toxel it said this is a “Compact House for your Backyard.” It’s more like “Compact splinters for your Backyard”


  8. steppenwolf

    I wonder how much they’d charge to build one of these underground with a hatch. I’m guessing it would cost more than twice as much, because everything would have to be reinforced.

  9. Karin L.

    I’m ready to move in right now!

  10. madmarshall

    it sure looks good and something to be be proud for having but will the cost having one is reasonable?

  11. moomins0

    I think it just looks wrong. black tiles do not sit well with natural environment. Odd.

  12. b

    i like it! :)

  13. MMM

    What a great office/guest house. I am sure you could hang curtains.

  14. Archie

    This would function well as an art studio

  15. Taz

    Where’s the bathroom?

  16. Ozzyton

    If you can put blinds/curtains in front of sliding glass doors at home, why would this be any different?

    This is a pretty neat house, I wouldn’t mind living there one bit, Especially if it came with the woods ;P

  17. :)

    wouldnt it be awfully cold in there?

  18. delere

    This would be a great writers/art studio.

  19. A Girl

    I really like the insides. It’s great! I just don’t like the black outside, it could be all woody and it’d be perfect.

  20. PDR

    Bring out the Gimp!

  21. michael_p893

    a lovely little dome, i live in a larger version of this, they are efficient to cool, to heat, and beautiful living enviroments, and yes, they do look like hobbit houses

  22. jnkm

    hm… tranforming it into a sauna cud b interesting?
    a little pool outside..
    a frige for fruits..

  23. mazz

    its perfct how it is get some bongs in there and some shades and it would be a sick toke hut

  24. Jooj


  25. @Thinkstock

    These are so fun. Makes us want to be kids again running around in the woods, very inspiring!

  26. man

    looks like a dice

  27. johhny

    this is cool i love for people to be able to watch me sleep and then break in and kill me

  28. vipul

    what if it rolls down????:P

  29. Vivian Martin

    Unique and adorable! How does it hold up to wind? ;-)

  30. brea

    this is a cool concept but i have to agree with a lot of people it doesn’t offer a lot in the way of privacy and the architecture leaves much to be desired but otherwise its a really cool idea

  31. Mattro

    Vertical Blinds are (relatively) inexpensive and can be ordered to pretty much any specification. Clearly, though, this is intended to face a private wooded area where privacy concerns are minimal and the advantage of having lots of openness is maximized.

    i like it. i think better use could be made of the space at the top of the dome. storage? is it big enough for a small utility loft?

  32. PurpleB

    could be like a little office to get away from the real people

  33. Seth

    And the WC is where?

  34. StOpCoMpLaInInG

    Cuuuute!! And looks comfy, I want one because I think it’s nice!

    It’s designed to be in a kinda remote woodlands as Mattro said, so maybe the WC is outside?

  35. G8-LIFE

    I think this little pavilion is awesome. It’s big enough to be comfortable and personalize and small enough not to take up your entire yard and sever as unique garden art!

  36. samwal

    Honestly i think this is a good little house for those rainy days or days when its to cold to be outside! you could just go out there and enjoy lookin at nature from a nice warm little room! and if you put a bigger window on top you could sit out there at night and watch the stars. id be out there a good majority of my time at home!

  37. Gucci Babe

    WOW, this is sooo awesome. I could really do with it, either on a HIT summer day on a cold day, aything really… The perfect spot to hide out from the hustle n bustle

  38. njmehta

    looks pretty cool as long as it doesn’t start rolling.

  39. tamsin

    This would be perfect to site in a piece of jungle here in Thailand, maybe even up in a (very large) tree. Or even on my roof terrace!

    I agree with poster who said that the panels be left natural wood as opposed to black. Particularly here where black attracts even more heat. LOVE it.

  40. kropped

    Wicked little project, Looks very similar to those sheres you can get as tree houses.


  41. Meri

    The interior looks cozy.

  42. leila

    yes it is cozy

  43. James G.

    where could I get one of these???

  44. Susan Abramson

    So Cool! I have always wanted an escape pad and this could be it… I even have the space in my backyard!

  45. Legit

    Looks to me like a refurbished prison cell.

  46. poblos

    I love it! I wanna make my house just like this.

  47. coco

    absolutely beautiful

  48. Manal

    Loved it, but what about people who smoke? hahah

  49. Tammie

    It looks like loads of fun – if you’re a kid who needs a playhouse or a fort!! I’m not sure y’all are seeing the size correctly. It even specifies: CHILDREN’S drawing desk. I doubt it would be big enough for a home office, & certainly not for a guest house!! Where would you put a bed & a nightstand?!? Not to mention a bathroom. Some hosts & hostess’ you are LOL!

  50. amberf19

    i love the open window!!!i would stay in it even if it is kinda tiny

  51. Colonel R. E.Jackson

    How much for the House ?
    How long to build it ?

    I’m Disabled and in a Wheelchair, I can not build it.

  52. Karri

    This looks like something my brother would build for his kids. What a fun place for children to play.

  53. bo jangles

    looks awesome but how the hell is it cooled? it would be a sauna in the summer time

  54. Stefan Petersen

    “Compact” is an understatement.

  55. bob

    I would never want to live here.

  56. Nici

    This thing is adorable. I would like to try and make a home out of it if I could. Might need to alter a few things but other than that, it would be just the coziest thing to live in. You could get a little space heater for the winter and an air conditioner or fan for the summer.

  57. anand bobbili

    It was nice but it was dangerous for the smoking people and the top of the house was only glass so any stone comes through this.

  58. lila


  59. Maya

    Love it

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