Wind Powered Walking Sculptures

Wind Powered Walking Sculptures

Theo Jansen is a talented Dutch artist that creates kinetic sculptures which resemble animals and are able to walk using the power of wind.

Eventually, the artist wants to release these creatures out in herds on the beaches and allow them to live their own lives.

Kinetic Sculpture

Walking Sculptures by Theo Jansen

Walking Sculpture by Theo Jansen

Walking Sculptures

Walking Sculpture

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  1. Critical Eye


  2. Final

    that is freaking cool. But please dun let it run wild, it will just get destroyed by some assholes.

  3. derschreckliche

    I like!
    A great example of how creative engineering can be!

  4. Justin

    I watched a television program about this man and his creations about 2 weeks ago. Was blown away at the fluidity of movement.

  5. Pete

    O.M.G. Coolest thing ever. Walking via wind? Amazing.

    Oh, and it would freak me out if I saw that giant cardboard-looking crab coming for me. :)

    I’m guessing the crab-walker-thing is canvas stretched over a frame?

  6. Pete

    Correction, rhino. I have to admit, I didn’t get “rhino” out of that shape :)

  7. Julie

    That is AMAZING.

  8. Senju Gudin


  9. evie

    that is awsome I don’t get how the brown one moved though. I didn’t see any sails or anything like the others.

  10. Stephanie Horn

    These are amazing. They move so fluidly, and they really do give the impression an animal would.

  11. ThomasNeis

    In the movie you see a man pushing the brown one with all he got’s

  12. Rik

    seen this like 2 years ago? Still nice though.

  13. Pete


    Ahh! I didn’t even notice the guy pushing the Rhino. I feel cheated now. Wonder if Wind power comes into play at all. Still very cool, though.

  14. Norman

    I don’t trust BMW in terms of their involvement in projects like this. Too many hoaxes in their past.

    If you watch the first vid (Animaris Rhinosceros), you can clearly see at the end that it’s being pushed by some guys. Definitely NOT wind powered.

  15. thatguy

    The guy you see pushing is doing so on a closed course to show the concept works. There is no wind so you have to push it along. The sloped top is the sail that catches the wing to provide forward movement.

  16. kiz

    I can remember his sculptures being exhibited in Trafalgar Square in 2006 — you had to push them to make them walk, still they were freaking awesome!!


    creepy looking…but cool.


    Wow, same here.

  19. Art of Concept

    Mindblowing!! This is so impressive! Great concept!

  20. forumlogic

    Hypnotically beautiful.

    As the wind tends to blow mainly from one direction any herds of feral wind animals would end up stuck against a barrier or getting stuck in uneven ground (Mars rover anyone?)

  21. Jani

    Just amazing :)

  22. Rizwan

    good yar

  23. Diego

    Simply AMAZING !!! Genius !!!!

  24. Karin L.

    Seeing one of these walking alone would truly be scairy!

  25. bird

    that first one is really creepy, but insanely cool

  26. Daniel

    …seen this 2 years ago on TV but still a nice idea!

  27. Akel

    : O

  28. javad pourhosaini

    so creative

  29. d4ve


  30. bert

    simply amazing

  31. Sedat Bayrak

    Hah, awesome.

  32. joshua burns

    I don’t understand what this has to do with BMW. Are they using this idea to produce wind-powered cars or something?

  33. Claudia Liliana

    Just love it! a bit unsettling, so life-like.

  34. Alma Mahler

    Wow. True art and ingenuity.

  35. Zach

    There’s two guys pushing the rhino if you look close enough

  36. Gith'Ren Moonpetal

    Were on our way to remembering the secret of golem creation

  37. ian

    I want to ride around the desert in one. Like some crazy nomad driving a sculpture around.

  38. mieke brak

    Beautiful!!! I live in Holland and I did not know that such beautiful creatures are walking along the North Sea. I would like to see them.

  39. Mimari Proje

    I watched a television program about this man and his creations about 2 weeks ago. Was blown away at the fluidity of movement.

  40. luis

    your blog is amazing too, lots of inspiration

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