Green School in Bali

Green School in Bali

John and Cynthia Hardy founded an eco-friendly school that provides students with quality education in one of the most beautiful places on the planet.

Sustainable bamboo campus includes classrooms, gym, faculty housing, offices, and cafes. Everything is powered by clean energy sources such as hydro-powered vortex generator and solar panels.

Bamboo School

Green School

Green School Bridge

Bali Green School


Eco-friendly School

Bamboo Campus

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  1. blurt

    …beautiful place for all the western kids who can afford to go there. Too bad there aren’t any Balinese kids in the pics. Maybe they are cleaning the green toilets…

  2. Gobi

    The kids in the vid are really pretty… Not Balinese huh. I wonder. Looks like an awesome school though. Wish I were one of them.

  3. morning_hen

    I’ve been there last February and it’s surely AWESOME! I love the view, the classes (they’re open classes and there are also “cooling room” in case the weather gets too hot), there was even a building built by the students there. What i disliked was only the green toilet, i didn’t feel comfortable inside, LOL

  4. steven

    great surf, wikid school, BALI HEAR I CUM

  5. Betty

    There were Balinese kids in the clip! The Director also spoke directly to his hopes for those kids too return to the country after university and bringing their skills home. So, I don’t get the cynicism. This is a beautiful thing and I wish my kids could go there.

  6. Holy

    TED belives in global warming, great we are all dumed

  7. MichaƂ Paluchowski

    Please watch the TED video. You’ll find out that there *are* Balinese kids in the school and there’s a special fund created for them to finance their education. This is *not* a resort for rich white kids.

  8. Glenn Contreras

    That is a really nice eco-design!

  9. Benjamin Christine

    I would go to that school any day! Its beautiful!!! certainly a great way for kids to grow up learning about a green way of living.

  10. Zuli

    I Love Bali~ I Love Indonesia~

  11. ran

    Indonesia has a lot of wonderful places to be evrything,including schools….i hope the goverment here will pay attention much to develop this in other part of Indonesia

  12. savikovic

    bali is one of many beautiful places in indonesia, visit indonesia!! :)

  13. heru

    it’s my country

  14. Kai

    very nice school. Lucky rich kids.

  15. ali

    very nice .

  16. Lvond

    i love this school

  17. wanwan

    in ma country..

  18. Noes

    Many beautiful places in Bali, this is one of them, In addition has a echo-friendly building, I hope the green school could bring matter change to the Balinese kids in education.

  19. Gabriel Tozarin

    I wish to study in this school at least one month.

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