Recycled Metal Hulk Sculpture

Recycled Metal Hulk Sculpture

Incredible hulk sculpture made out of discarded metal, car parts, motorcycle components, and repurposed machinery.

Metal Hulk Sculpture created by Kreatworks is coated with lacquer to protect against rust.

Hulk sculpture painted in a vibrant shade of green, capturing the essence of the iconic character it represents.

The use of contrasting blue paint on the shorts adds depth to the overall design of the metal sculpture.

Standing tall at 3.3m, this epic green giant is a testament to artistry and recycling prowess. Transforming scrap into superhero!

Recycled Metal Green Giant

Hulk Sculpture Made of Recycled Metal

Hulk Made of Recycled Metal

Hulk Sculpture Made of Metal

Metal Hulk Sculpture by Kreatworks

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