Miniature Underground City

Miniature Underground City

Street artist EVOL constructed small city in a field near Hamburg, Germany.

Miniature buildings were dug into the ground for MS Dockville festival.

Rural City

City in the Ground

EVOL Street Art

Field City


Miniature City by EVOL

Underground City by EVOL

Miniature Underground City by EVOL

Ms Dockville City

EVOL Miniature City

EVOL Miniature Underground City


EVOL Rural City

EVOL Underground City

EVOL Field City

Dockville City

City by EVOL

Field City by EVOL

Underground City

Miniature City

Rural City by EVOL

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  1. Kirsten

    Some people really have to much time on their hands…

  2. Lol

    ^ i really hate tha comment. you dont know what other people’s values are.

    I think it’s pretty cool. if all the current buildings can have a garden on the roof (anti-leak system is a must of course) then there would be less greenhouse gases floating around

  3. gunneos

    @Lol, not sure what you mean, but how is this ‘a garden on the roof’ as they are miniature buildings? It’s still a field.

  4. PaulB

    I kinda agree with the first two comments. People do have too much time on their hands, it’s not a bad thing though. It’s how amazing ideas are born. This whole concept is really cool and could still benefit the environment, even though it’s still grass. Happy friday the 13th everyone!

  5. Hamidreza Jafari

    Agree with first comment. Toooo much

  6. Lilia Smiles

    It looks very intricate and looks like it took a lot of time. But it doesn’t really look like a city. Maybe if they have more time they can continue to add a couple blocks here and there. :)

  7. kahn

    @ kirsten & hamidrea,

    I totally agree.. they have way too much time on their hands. they should do usefull grownup stuff as wasting their time in front of the tv while ironing things that don’t need ironing (like towels). or go and sit on their ass, watching a sports game. way more porductive… cause that’s what ‘normal people’ do.

  8. BrendanM

    Kahn ++1

  9. woops

    @ Kirsten

    Are you saying all conceptual art is wasting time?

  10. Doc

    and the point is….?

  11. The Unofficial Art Critic

    maybe it’s a tribute to mockingjay haha
    or maybe it’s hinting at the future

  12. Mukesh Gupta

    Guys ..why are you all so worrying if he has spent too much time on his art ?
    Its his field, his time. Whatever way may he utilize it.
    Instead of putting up your complaints, you all should appreciate his work, or else not comment.

    His technique can be used in creating miniature models of big cities, in which you can actually walk through, and experience better…..also, it doesn’t even need storage space, and can be built with lesser resources..! :)

  13. commenter

  14. Gert

    It’s cute. Not terribly innovative as I’d have used LEDs to light up individual windows and such but it is cute and interesting.

    As for too much time on someone’s hands well… most people sit around doing nothing at all with their extra time. This at least looks like it was a fun way to kill some time.

  15. Douglas

    So we’ll build 8 identical panels offsite, then dig a trench and line it with the panels. Lets do it out in some remote field and call it a city. Then we’ll take some neat pics that make us look like Godizilla! Whooooo Hooooo! Like someone else said it’s not something I would call a city.

    The last pic is claustrophobic.

  16. Paul

    It’s an interesting concept and might be something we have to consider in some parts of the world in the future, as the earth peaks at nine billion people around 2050.
    We would a lot to learn if that is a route we go down, so I think this is a good start.

  17. Midet

    Ha! I like it.

  18. lucmes

    That’s how the monsters use to destroy the cities in the old Japanese series.

  19. stefano

    First thing I thought: Big waiste of time.
    Agree with first coment

  20. umm

    the purpose of art is to achieve a reaction from the person looking at it….

    purpose achieved.

    i applaud your determination im sure this was no small task.

  21. JLWafflezBrony

    Honestly… If I were to just find something like this, it would scare the crap out of me…

    -Brony And Proud!

  22. victoria fallon

    what’s more interesting is what creative people choose to do with their time!

  23. lara

    i think it’s cool! Rock on, man!!!

  24. avigami

    It’s a small world after all.

  25. shaker azzi

    i agree with Paul, it could be industrial cities in the future and may be related to agriculture industry

  26. Juma

    For art there is never enough time!!!

    Hamburg my town!

  27. James


    you’re just the best at everything right? I’d love to see your “terribly innovative” portfolio.

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