Gas-Powered Motorized Snowboard

Gas Powered Motorized Snowboard

Mattracks Powerboard is an innovative track propelled snow machine that carves through the snow like a snowboard.

Powered by 200 CC engine, Powerboards can reach speeds up to 18 mph, climb over hills, and handle deep powder snow.

Motorized Snowboard

Gas Powered Snowboard

Mattracks Powerboard Motorized Snowboard

Powerboard Motorized Snowboard

Mattracks Motorized Snowboard

Mattracks Powerboard

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  1. GustaveCo


  2. Virginia

    Hey GustaveCo! I agree wholeheartedly.

  3. Morty

    Yeah, I always try to find anything positive to say but this looks real dumb.

    They keep using the word “fun” throughout the entire video but I fail to see it materialize in the use of the board.

    It’s to clumsy and slow.

  4. Morty

    As I read my own comment above I realize that it’s only to clumsy and slow to be an alternative to a snowboard but make it wider, put a chair and a proper handle on it and you’ve got something that old people can use to move around in snowy conditions.

  5. Claudio

    I disagree. There’s potential here.

  6. axel

    It’s clumsy, slow and lacks any kind of resemblence to a snowboard, save that it’s a board that you stand on. They compare it to a snowboard but you can’t ride with this thing down real slopes, or do good jumps as with a snowboard. It totally lacks the grace and agility of a snowboard.

    The only use I see with this thing is on long flat catwalks for lazy people or for kids that aren’t old enough for a snowmobile.

  7. Mask

    yeah. it stupid.

  8. Karin L. Stewart

    One more way to spend your money.

  9. John

    I agree, not cool and not useful in this form. And yes Claudio, it does have potential. But it’s not the first idea with a board on snow, so ‘potential’ doesn’t quite cut it for me.

    Is this even Toxel-worthy?

  10. Slava

    There’s potential here.

  11. Karen

    its good transport for old people… im hoping is a concept and can be improved.

  12. tilt

    Well if you get bored you can flip it over and use it as a planer. Good times.

  13. Reilly

    Make it solar-powered.

  14. Sebasdt

    my 3 year old could have blast with this one.. that’s how far it can go…
    all pics the guy wears a helmet, is it cause he is too embarrassed to show his face? I dont think it is due to safety issues.. ha ha!

  15. Fiesta guy

    it would have some use in those ski resort wehn they have to seek for lost people and they can’t use normal snowmobile for some reason.

  16. J-P DeCouvreur

    If it works, this looks perfect to make/pack down trail/tread in snow for cycling with a fat bike. Our club maintains trails and packing with snowshoes is tedious. Three questions, although I can see the posts here are old.

    1) Are they still being made?
    2) Are these available in Canada?
    3) How much do they cost?

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