Modified Car Drives on Snow

Modified Car Drives on Snow

American rally driver Ken Block has teamed up with Subaru to create the world’s fastest cat track operation automobile.

TRAX STI is a highly-modified car that starts with Block’s competition-ready Subaru WRX STI before ditching the tires, adding snow cat tracks, and upgrading the suspension to create the ultimate snow-ready car.

Ken Block Subaru TRAX STI


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  1. unDave

    Nice mod… but something is missing…. i bet is not that fun as it looks like, but sure is safer.

    -by unDaveā„¢

  2. Batterycentury

    Great idea, but it looks not very good, maybe need to improvement.

  3. Darren Osborne

    Bugger the chair lif I will drive the car back up the hill :-)

  4. Julie

    That thing is a beast..
    And a lot faster than I thought it would actually run! Possibly not too safe though but looks pretty cool :D

  5. Geler

    This is how was the first ski doos … in the 30s

  6. Troy Peterson

    This is cool!
    They have kits like this for 4Wheelers, but I’ve never seen one for an actual car before!

    If anyone has ever tried to ride a 4wheeler in any type of snow, it’s very difficult. With the track modification, it goes like a dream… much more controllable than a snowmobile, but not as fast.

  7. Viktirka

    “MORE TO COME> FALL 2010″…expect impatiently the new one!

  8. hallowe'en flavr

    Tracks S T I – name fail
    otherwise pretty cool.

  9. Thomas Yu Lee

    i think if the fenders are more designed towards the mod, the car will be awsome!! ^ ^

  10. @andymryan

    These mods are available for trucks since the late 90’s. Still dope Ken, DC & Subaru are bringing em.

  11. chris

    this reminds me of the film taxi 3 (?) by luc besson :-)

  12. luanpa

    I think it is a good car

  13. Fiesta guy

    well with that you can say that you never get stuck on snow.

  14. named guy

    need to go faster

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