12 Cool Products for your Kitchen

12 Cool Products for your Kitchen

Collection of modern kitchen gadgets and useful products designed to make food preparation easier and more enjoyable.

One Click Butter Cutter

This ingenious butter cutter delivers one standard pat with each click of the handle. No more messy butter dish. [buy]

One Click Butter Cutter

Manhole Cover for your Sink

This manhole-inspired silicone work-horse will stop the water’s flow when you need a full sink. Give it a simple twist to line up the drain holes and it turns into a highly-efficient strainer.

Manhole Cover for your Sink

Heat Resistant Finger Tongs

All the dexterity of using your fingers with none of the hideous burns.

Heat Resistant Finger Tongs

Heart Egg Molder

What says “I love you” more than a heart shaped egg?

Heart Egg Molder


The chimp is made from food-grade silicone rubber, and the reusable, removable ABS chopsticks feature little simian hands on the tips. [buy]


Puzzle Sandwich Cutter

Eliminate pesky crusts while making sandwiches into interlocking puzzle pieces that your kids will want to eat. [buy]

Puzzle Sandwich Cutter

Brain Freeze Ice Tray

Cool ice tray makes 4 frosty brains that will impress your guests. [buy]

Brain Freeze Ice Tray

Mouse Cheese Grater

This stainless steel tool grates cheese as it is stored inside the mouse. Detach the mouse from the grater and use it as a bowl. [buy]

Mouse Cheese Grater

Compactor Trash Can

Reduce Compactor Can neatly and easily compacts 2X more household garbage. Save on garbage bags and send less trash to landfills.

Compactor Trash Can

Cold Blooded Ice Tray

Drop some stone-cold fangs into your Bloody Mary and feel that chill go right down your spine. [buy]

Cold Blooded Ice Tray

Compact Herb Chopper

Designed by Damian Evans, this tool is suitable for chopping all kinds of herbs, garlic, ginger, nuts and chocolate. [buy]

Compact Herb Chopper

Herb Chopper

Magnetic Knife Holder

Beautiful stainless steel knife holder designed by Rosendahl.

Magnetic Knife Holder

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  1. Mika

    Cool gadgets.

    However, the trash compactor does not send less trash to the landfill, it just sends the same amount in a more compressed fashion :P

  2. Rashid Rupani

    Very nice products. I wish to buy two of them.

  3. GustaveCo

    Love the magnetic knife block. Such a cool idea.

  4. Khiyo

    Amazing gadgets!

    I hope they have it here in Manila…

  5. ajayjshah

    Some neat stuff.

    I too, like the magnetic knife block. The one click butter cutter is a great concept and the mouse cheese grater is nice.

  6. Katie

    I thought the same thing about the garbage can…but I guess you could make the argument that you are sending less garbage because you are using less garbage bags, which are also “garbage”.
    But really, you are right. The comment that you are sending less garbage is misleading.

  7. Kyle

    I want the herb cutter.

  8. Kat

    “All the dexterity of using your fingers with none of the hideous burns.”

    That should read “all the dexterity of using a claw…”

  9. lanvy

    the heat resistant finger tongs are not food friendly at all. Made of plastic and mostly silicon, while they resist heat, they dont resist grease, dust, or stain. Once introduced to an open environment (like your kitchen) they almost immediately become dust magnets.

  10. RL creative

    Hmm…if the knifes are made of Stainless steel, how they can be magnetting to Magneting Knife Holder. That is strange…
    And Finger tongs seem a bit useless ))

    All other stuff is amazing and incredible :)

  11. Peter

    All useless

  12. gunneos

    @ RL creative: i was thinking the same thing, if they’re magnetic, they’ll rust! unless there’s some magnetic core and its stainless steel outside, like fridge magnets, which are rubbery.

  13. Toyama

    @Peter : Useless or not, all these products are sellable.

    I personally think they are creative and innovative. At least there are some ‘color’ in these products rather than some boring looking items

  14. Julie

    Haha check out the link for the magnetic knife holder and the review!

  15. delere

    Oops. Chimp sticks. Not sure I get how the garbage compactor works, but since I recycle I don’t use garbage bags. By the time I fill one up it’s too smelly. This would make it worse. I’ll stick to filling a plastic grocery bag a week.

  16. Mask

    the one that makes heart shaped eggs is just adorable.

  17. stella

    for some reason the brain cubes and mouse cheese grater gave me a powerful flashback to the 1980s.
    That was a decade for kitsch.
    But I want the herb chopper and the manhole cover!

  18. Karin L.

    Some of the best creativity I’ve seen in awhile! Thanks guys.

  19. Lauren

    The compact herb chopper is neat, but it is far from an original. It is a modern take on the traditional Alaskan Ulu Knife, a system used Native Alaskans for over 5000 years.

  20. Maianna Fitzgerald

    So much plastic. All very cute but plastic and the world is in such a bad shape because of all the plastic we produce.

  21. mark chambers

    I like the kitchen knife block though it won’t work with my ceramic knives :(

  22. eric

    Agree with Peter – useless gimmicks. Look for value, not pretty colored crap.

  23. Bill Olsen

    Global knives are the greatest. I have used them when I worked in professional kitchens, and are now retired to my home kitchens (since I physically can’t do that kind of 80-90 hr a week grind anymore). I would definitely recommend sharpening them with a stone and try to use a steel as little as possible.

  24. Jordan

    Though the magnetic knife holder was cool, but what if it was a strong magnet, it might get kinda dangerous lol

  25. evan

    niether the knife holder or butter dispenser are available for sale, and i assume that they were when this post was put up the 8th. Clearly someone buys stuff (albiet semi-useless) in this economy.

  26. David

    With shipping, the compactor trashcan costs $190. I don’t see a lot of pro’s to make up for that.

  27. Joe

    The garbage can one is a great idea but it doesn’t “send less garbage”.
    Also, the magnetic knife holder seems like a TERRIBLE IDEA haha
    …large knifes being magnetically thrown across the room… :P

  28. Jago

    We have a rule in our household: Unless completely unavoidable, all single-use items are strictly prohibited. Keeps clutter down and imagination up. Example: Heart-shaped egg: Fold slice of bread in half, cut out heart, butter bread and toast in pan at same time as cooking egg in hole in toast. #2 daughter gets previously cut out bread-heart surrounded by egg…

  29. Karen

    it SAVES spacce in landfills, not less garbage ;P and all of them r super duper coool! lol, yeah, in a scenario like: AAAH, I cant pull off the knife! -slip- *stab* ;P

  30. Ryan


    Good point about the knives Joe! Hilarious mental picture!

    Awesome trashcan! it may not take less to the landfill but it can save a few times of having to take out the trash lol

  31. Hermitbiker

    …. I like a couple of these kitchen gadgets,yep,guys have kitchens too !! :)

  32. mc

    “it SAVES spacce in landfills, not less garbage” – Karen

    It’s less garbage because it compresses your garbage into smaller size so you can fit more in one trash bag. Thus using fewer trash bags. TRASH BAGS ARE GARBAGE ONCE IT’S BEEN USED!!!!!

  33. plg

    Where have I seen the herb chopping knife before, hmm…. Oh, yeah! In every freakin’ house in Alaska, but we call it an ulu, and have been for hundreds of years. Way to go white people, you’ve stolen something from us again!

  34. Tarzan

    I live in the jungle. I don’t need this.

  35. DrFreemanstein

    @RL creative & gunneos

    I hope you are joking…the operative word here is ‘steel’…steel, stainless or not is a ferrous metal which means it will stick to a magnet…..

    On a side note, the knife block kinda reminds me of the one Patrick Bateman has in his kitchen in American Psycho…


    Check it out at 1:12

  36. yassine

    The garbage can reduces the space needed for same amount for trash ==> less room in landfill, less bags used, less plastic used, less trucks filled rounding up the trash ==> saves fuel

  37. Andy

    What on earth does that herb cutter do that you can’t do better with a good knife or kitchen shears? And why would I want bare knives on my countertop? If I’m going to get a magnetic holder for my knives, I’ll go with a strip attached to the wall well above my counter. That way, there’s no chance of my hand randomly brushing a bare blade.

    All this stuff is useful (for a specific definition of “useful”), but almost all of it fails this test: “Do I have another tool that can do your job as well if not better?”

  38. poop

    @ PLG, Welcome to the world. There is no reason to be selfish and hoard all of the good concepts your people come up with. How about “white people” hold back the internet from you? How about we take away cars, engines, electricity and put you damn Alaskans back in the stone-age with your awesome knives.

    …Thanks for coming out….

  39. Becks

    Ikea has a cheese grater like the mouse one. It’s not a mouse, but it’s probably a hell of a lot cheaper than the mouse!

  40. Nolan Chase

    @RL creative & gunneos & DrFreemanstein

    In reply to the several people who have commented on steel, stainless steel, and the magnetism thereof.

    Stainless steel CAN be magnetic. It can also be quite nonmagnetic. There are multiple grades of stainless steel, the primary grades being the 3xx series and the 4xx series. the 3xx series is known as austenitic stainless steel, and is nonmagnetic and not hardenable. Through the additions of alloy content, the crystalline structure of the steel is kept in the austenitic state, which in most steels only occurs above 1400-1700 degrees, at which point any steel will become non-magnetic.
    The 4xx series, and the grade that most knives are made of, is quite magnetic. Known as martensitic stainless steel, the crystal structure resembles much more closely normal carbon steels as well as hardenable HSLA(High strength low alloy) steels. This steel is hardenable, as well, and thus is what’s used for knives. Most commonly being 440, but there are many others used as well.


  41. Nolan Chase

    I’m sorry, I forgot to mention the 2xx series, which is also Austenitic, and the 5xx series, I believe known as preicipitation hardening. These are very uncommonly used compared to the 3xx and 4xx series.

  42. Dana

    those are some AWESOME products!!!

  43. yogesh sarang

    Very Cool gadgets. Love it….

  44. Pootsy

    I want. I want. I want. I want everything! I am so happy right now.

  45. Steve

    Incredible ideas & concepts..awesome

  46. amandaaa

    good ideas :)

  47. ChefMallori

    You forgot the Cherry Chomper! We went through 3 cases of cherries to make jam and it was so simple and fun, I had a 3 and 6 year old helping me.

  48. Peter

    Cool collection!

  49. Fresh

    i love the butter cutter!!!!

  50. Diablow

    The magnetic knife block isn´t new.

    My Family has got a similar magnetic knife holder for years.

  51. Jeff

    Unique and useful items.

  52. Whitney

    That butter cutter is essential to any kitchen I will have.

  53. Robyn

    The trash compactor looks cool, but really… don’t we all ‘smush’ the trash down by hand? Also, all I see are many overfilled and broken bags. AND it’s $170! Really??

  54. Visitor

    Apparently the Magnetic knife holder costs £999999.00.
    Click on the link. Reviews are funy too

  55. Doodlebig

    Actually, in a sense you are sending less trash. Since you can fit twice as much, you don’t send as many garbage bags. :)

  56. Justvisiting

    Poop, you don’t get the Alaskan’s point of view.

    How would you white people like it if the Alaskan’s (or for that matter the Chinese or the Indians) make cars, engines, electricity in their country and say they invented them.

    Sore ass losers.

  57. exchef

    The herb chopper has been used in pro kitchens for probably hundreds of years-known by it’s Italian name the Mezzaluna(half moon)

  58. Alunalai

    Neat concepts, aside from the “Cold Blooded” fangs. They look like vampire dentures in a glass of cleaner.

  59. coz

    @ANDY : “And why would I want bare knives on my countertop?” ..

    It seems you can slide that into the yellow case that he’s also cutting on

  60. coz

    yellow~ish in one pic .. green in the other .. *doh

  61. tDilla

    Magnetic Knife Holder, how do they work?

  62. milK

    “the magnetic properties of stainless steel are very dependent on the elements added into the alloy, and specifically the addition of nickel can change the structure from magnetic to non-magnetic. ”

    And besides that, nearly every kitchen I know and/or worked in has kitchen magnets, I’m really surprised by the ammount of people thinking it’s ingenious & new.

    The Chimpsticks were cool though, I might order some (if I find out how & where).

  63. Jeremy

    17 + years in the restaurant business and they ALL use magnetic knife holders.

  64. Shibli

    Wow… Cool… Superb… whatever i say would be inadequate to describe the kitchen products. Though all of them are equally handy, i would like to have the one click butter cutter, believe me the hassle of cutting butter slices in the morning is horrible. Great Post :)

  65. angel

    the knife one is wrong
    knifes arnt magnetic and if u r stupid enough to carry it then a knife will fall on your foot and u will learn

  66. jared

    @angel, Knives all have iron so they will be magnetic. Lots of professional kitchens use magnetic strips to hang knives.

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