14 Cool Gadgets for your Kitchen

10 Cool Gadgets for your Kitchen

Collection of unusual kitchen gadgets and creative product designs that promise to make the cooking experience more enjoyable.

Clicking Kitchen Grip Oven Mitts

Designed by Anderson Horta, these creative oven mitts were inspired by the hand cursor from your computer. Clever bakeware product.

Clicking Kitchen Grip Oven Mitts

Encanal Cutting Board

Carving board designed by Ernest Perera. The channel in the middle makes sure that nothing falls out of the frying pan.

Encanal Cutting Board

Jigsaw Puzzle Cookie Cutter

Little ones will love helping out in the kitchen with this creative, metal, jigsaw piece cutter.

Jigsaw Puzzle Cookie Cutter

Throwzini’s Knife Block

In 1938, the Wheel of Death introduced a spinning target! Decades later, knife throwing still lives on in the modern day circus and it can live on in your kitchen with the Throwzini’s Knife Block.

Throwzinis Knife Block

Cigno Bird Teapot

Creative teapot design by Adam Hammerman is shaped like a bird.

Cigno Bird Teapot

Corn Stripper

Removing corn kernels from cobs has never been easier. The OXO Good Grips Corn Stripper features a container that catches the kernels as they are stripped from the cob.

Corn Stripper

Banana Handle

Slide the ripe yellow heat-resistant banana peel onto any pan handle and you are fully protected.

Banana Handle

Peter Petrie Egg Separator

Hand-crafted ceramic head sporting a quizzical expression and a huge nose. To use it, you crack an egg into the separator and tilt it forward. [buy]

Peter Petrie Egg Separator

Multi-Blade Rocker Pizza Cutter

Cuts baked pizza into equal slices instantly. Just center the rocker-cutter on the pizza, firmly set blades and rock blades across pizza.

Multi-Blade Rocker Pizza Cutter

Veggie Peeler

Thanks to this cool gadget, there is no mess in the sink, on the counter or on the floor.

Veggie Peeler

Lightsaber Chopsticks

Unique chopsticks suitable for eating sushi or defending the galaxy.

Lightsaber Chopsticks

Do It All Knife

This set of knives makes other kitchen tool redundant by incorporating different (cutting)-actions within the unused surfaces of the blades.

Do It All Knife

Pac-Man HotHead Pot Holder

Pac-Man is back, and he is ready to gobble up your hot pots and pans.

Pac-Man HotHead Pot Holder

Human Head Knife Block

Unique knife block created by Dutch designer Maarten Baas.

Human Head Knife Block

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  1. Richi

    The head

  2. Megan

    Love the Pac-Man pot holder and the head knife block is awesome too!

  3. Karen

    wow, i wish i could have all of this stuff… looks so cool :D

  4. Manish Ahuja

    I know I might sound like a sadist, but I LOVE the ‘Human Head Knife Block’ for its innovative design. Never seen or imagined something like this before. EVER.

  5. Martin

    The human head knife block would be a very negative presence on the counter, and I think after people came to their senses and stashed in in the cupboard, it would still freak them out whenever the thought about it. Am I oversensitive?

  6. Lapsed Pastafarian

    Love the chopsticks, I know a few geeks to get those for. Anyone who uses that do it all knife has a death wish.

  7. Graydian

    omg i want the head block. i would paint a mustache on to it :D
    and the corn-stripper thing… you can buy corn in cans. im just pointing that out. apart from that there AWESOMEAGE

  8. mostafa

    delicious jigsaw!

  9. Krylun

    Call me an Ass-H, but wouldn’t the cookies have to baked IN the cutter to function as a puzzle? Or does it come with a recipe for dough that doesn’t expand?

  10. Aarti Harish

    Wow..I just loved all these gadgets….wonderful…I wish I had all of these…

  11. Helene

    Where I live the “head” knifeblock is not that uncommon..

  12. Tony

    That pizza cutter is a bit stupid really.
    Who’s got space to store that thing ?
    I like the wheel of death though. Reminds me of Dead Fred the knife block where you stab it through the red man.
    The chopping block is done better (IMO) with the design that folds, as it lies flat but when you lift it it forms a spout.

    And if those chopsticks light up…I want em!

  13. dave sepulveda

    Re: The head knife holder: That’s a gadget for a torture chamber-not kitchen. I bet Hannibal Lecter has one on his torture console…

  14. Jehzeel Laurente

    The head is cool! This is worth digging!

  15. delere

    For practicality I love the cutting board but the knife holder (first one) and veggie peeler look intriguing.

  16. wtyang24

    pretty awesome stuff!

  17. Ashely Adams : Sticker Printing

    This is innovation and brilliance! i like most of the work , but my favorite are the oven Mitts and the banana handle. The objects have been designed with care and a lot of thought, so that they are useful as well as looks good. full marks to these designs.

  18. wolfie

    Peter Petrie Egg Separator is fantastic. gave me a good laugh.


  19. Holly

    LOVE the jigsaw cookie cutter. For Krylun, just make a rolled or sugar cookie dough – just like for other cut-out cookies. You refrigerate the dough, it’s stiff when you roll it out and keeps its shape because there’s not a lot of fat in the recipe.

  20. Anthony Proulx

    Love the pixel oven gloves, and the knife rack with the guys body on it! Hilarious! Chop sticks are badass too!

  21. dylan

    the head is aaaaaaaaaawwwwwwweeeeeeeeeesssssssssooooooommmmmmeeeeeee

  22. Karin L. Stewart

    The egg separator is a CRACK-UP! Sorry for the pun but it is what it is! I love them all, tho. Great creativity by an individual or group of people.

  23. superdit

    the corn stripper will be usefull for me,
    i love corn

  24. Liza Mae

    The Egg separator looks gross. lol

    The Do-it-all knife can be dangerous when peeling, I don’t think I would purchase that.

    The head knife block is cool but maybe not around kids – don’t want them to think that’s where knives go. lmao

  25. Anna

    I thought the egg seperator was very gross!!!!!!!! I have a small knife kind of like the big one and it really isn’t very usefull, The corn cutter and peeler would be for someone that didn’t do very many at a time, I love and have a “lot” of kitchen gadgets, but didn’t see “anything” here that I couldn’t live without!!

  26. G

    just, awesome.

  27. shahrzad

    hi thank you for this things these are very great

  28. John

    Do-It-All Knife
    I could use that right now.

  29. Scirocco

    Love the chopsticks, I know a few geeks to get those for. Anyone who uses that do it all knife has a death wish

  30. BG

    The head knife block reminds me of Buster from Mythbusters, haha.

  31. anna

    i love the Lightsaber Chopsticks!

  32. rzulian

    trawzini’s knife block real awesome dude… LOL :))

  33. dnkoch

    The Human Head Knife Block is very usefull to the mind.
    Specially if you have a sample of someone.

  34. ChEeSe

    SUPER COOL!! i love these:)

  35. The Zzz-lover

    i wonder what mom will say if i bought her the human head knife block.. :P

  36. Grace

    I made those pac man cookies for my sons bday!

  37. Anna

    I’d def buy some of them. Just for fun

  38. Enrico Martinez

    Peter Petrie Egg Separator is gross looking.

    Human Head Knife Block has some dark issues.

  39. Rina

    The muti-blade rocker pizza cutter is it usable for only 1 kind of size??

  40. Mayone Bakunawa

    Where can I buy the head knife block? Please help!

  41. georgia

    I also would like to know where to purchase the head knife block. any idea of price and availability? It is Fabulous!

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