Battery Powered Modern Chariot

Battery Powered Modern Chariot

American Chariot is a maneuverable, three-wheeled electric transportation vehicle designed for a wide range of applications in law enforcement.

The Chariot continuously outperforms golf carts and utility vehicles with its stable “step-on, step-off” platform; fast 20 mph speed and 450 lb capacity.

Modern Chariot

Modern Electric Chariot

Chariot Segway

Electric Chariot

The American Chariot

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  1. GustaveCo

    Really unpleasant looking.

  2. anna

    that looks weird

  3. Reilly

    Just what we need… more stuff for fat lazy people… especially cops.

  4. mee

    i dunno the point of making this device looks like a chariot. With top speed at 20 mph, it will be better in bicycle shape (more accessible in difficult areas)

  5. Kochtopf

    you have got to be kiding….
    Have these people forgotten how to walk?

  6. Biiirdmaaan

    So… it’s like a cheaper Segway?

  7. Norman

    The point of cops on bikes is that they can be more mobile than in cars. Segways don’t do them any good because they’re relatively slow, expensive and dependent on smooth ground. Seems like the chariot is just an excuse to not walk and nothing more. Also, as a rule, 3-wheelers are very unstable.
    Some cities have outlawed segways on sidewalks. Can’t imagine the chariot will fare much better… Interesting that they actually used overweight cops to model the thing lol.

  8. nick

    cops are getting too damn lazy

  9. KKL

    tell me this is an April fools joke please.

  10. Chad

    Part Rascal and part bicycle . . . it’s a hybrid!

  11. Critical Eye

    Is this a useful design? Sure… this vehicle allows each cop to cover a much larger area than he/she could on foot, and respond more quickly (20 mph top speed).

    Is it a good design? Debatable – it’s not very aesthetically pleasing, but it looks like it’s OK from a usability standpoint.

  12. Vibha

    Interesting concept.

  13. matt

    april fools!

  14. Mola Gola

    Fake Segway

  15. sebastian

    @Biiirdmaaan ditto…

  16. cindy

    I agree with Reilly.

  17. horace

    well, it is certainly faster to get on/off one of these than a bike (by what, 1/10 of a seconds?). Also, it’s faster to lock: you don’t have to reach for the lock which is behind you. The key could just be a stick bound to the wrist of the driver, without which the engine could not be started (as opposite to an electric bike, the whole lot is unmovable without the engine running. but who would want to steal a cop’s bike anyway?).

    is it worth the trouble for such little gain? I doubt it.

  18. Andre Mestre

    Thats why they are all fat!

  19. Matthew

    Ah-hem …SOME people LIKE fat people! Swing low sweet chariots!

  20. Lee

    How can something that looks like a child’s toy project an image of strength and authority? Something I would have thought to be essential if used by law enforcement and the armed forces?

    Flawed by design!

  21. Karin L.

    UMMMM I don’t think so.

  22. X

    Isnt a chariot two big back wheels and horses in the front?

  23. Asher

    Those are very old, awkward looking pictures. They look like this nowadays:

  24. JK III

    Even worse than segway.

  25. Person

    I don’t know why but I don’t like them at all.

  26. Baran

    looks like cops are riding in a coffe cup.

  27. little_spiro

    i love to see cops being humiliated :P

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