Electric Folding Bicycle Concept

Electric Folding Bicycle Concept

YikeBike is the world’s lightest electric folding bicycle that is small enough to fit inside a backpack when not in use.

Powered by 1.2 kW electric motor, this bike has a top speed of 20 km/h, weighs less than 10 kg (22 lb), folds in less than 15 seconds, and can travel a distance of 10 km on a single charge.

Folding Bicycle

Backpack Bike

Electric Bicycle

Electric Bike


Folding Bike

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  1. Julie

    Pretty sweet

  2. Wolfsblood

    Dumb! That is all…

  3. thatisocool

    looks like you could fall off that thing easily…

  4. Rod

    how much?

  5. mudisoft

    it is quite safe and nice actually

  6. Alice

    Yay! Now even out-of-shape people won’t have an excuse to drive their cars! And if this bike becomes popular, maybe we’ll finally get some proper bike trail networks in Canada! :)

  7. Dimi

    Looks a bit uncomfortable no?

  8. Frank

    Useless, too much expensive and environment-unfriendly..
    Ride a real bike and you will get a lot of fresh air and get in-shape too :)

  9. Dominic

    Nice, where do i Order mine?

  10. just me

    i love it, it looks nice, i,m gonna buy this thing

  11. Kolin

    “can travel a distance of 10 km on a single charge”

    when using a normal bike I can personally travel as long as i want to go on a single charge, I also get fit as a perk. i mean how cool is that?

  12. Den

    I’d give it a try! Very cool!

  13. gunneos

    “weighs less than 10 kg”

    wow that’s like 5 laptops. light indeed!

  14. kdizz

    Seating position is just completely wrong. Easy to fall off. Should be like a normal bike seat if you ask me with handlebars in front. Otherwise cool

  15. Hassan

    Wow! I love it!

  16. Karin L.

    Looks pretty interesting! I wonder how stable it is?

  17. Shaan

    10 Km in single charge looks pretty less

  18. jass

    yuck bike….not a feasable concept…


    It looks great. Wanted to know if it is in commercial production and the wholesale price for the same?

  20. Final

    please how hard is it to ride a freaking bike?

  21. electric folding bike?

    More like an electric stool. And i dont mean a what you sit on

  22. Reilly

    “Brings a whole new meaning to ‘Forget exercise, America!”

  23. Rick

    I would yike to look yike a pretentious yike.

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