World’s Smallest Cars

Worlds Smallest Cars

Peel P50 and Peel Trident are the smallest production cars in the world.

Manufactured in the mid 1960s, these unusual three-wheeled microcars retailed for £199 and could reach a top speed of 40 mph.

Worlds Smallest Production Cars

Peel P50 Worlds Smallest Car

Worlds Smallest Production Car

Worlds Smallest Vehicle

Peel P50 Microcar on Top Gear

Worlds Smallest Car

Peel Microcar

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  1. Sachawinter

    You mean golfcart.

  2. heidi


  3. Art of Concept

    They are cute, yet funny! I wouldn’t like to have an accident with one of those…I can’t imagine what it’d be like to be hit by a truck! :S

  4. KiDDo

    They would be fun to mess around in, like in a neighborhood, but if you crashed your chances of survival are very scarce.

  5. Robert Iagar

    I can’t believe Clarkson got into that car :))

  6. aditia

    painfull to drive, especially if you are a tall one

  7. ^_^

    that is soooo adorable. i want one! i’m small so it’ll be fine.

  8. gunneos

    well. it just looks uncomfortable.

  9. timmay

    what happens if you get it in a car crash? very deadly crash.

  10. Alice

    Loved it on Top Gear. I think it’s fun – great for getting around the office. :)

  11. Karen

    no no, you wouldnt get hit by a truck, you’d go under a truck.

  12. Anna

    Where is the airbag?

  13. alvanhalen

    I can imagine how that office would be, if we getting around with those car..pollutions all around..

  14. abupu

    hahaha, these are cool! i want one! do they run on lawn mower engines?

  15. Keaton

    omg! those things are so cool!

  16. Vardis

    Haha, niiice. In fact I think I will feel comfortable driving such a thing. And 40 miles is not that bad as well – enough for driving in the hood.

  17. Reilly

    Good luck against that semi…

  18. Catherine

    It was very funny watching Jeremy Clarkson in one of them on Top Gear. Worth taking a look at if you have some time.

  19. myymi

    Good car, and top Gear team is great!

  20. Josué Almeida do Nascimento

    It’s better than a motorcycle/motorbike

  21. Nadia

    very like this, lol

  22. Kyle

    i want a convertible one

  23. James

    Now those are some small cars :P

    I’ve seen a lot of these in Ireland…well, small cars that is!

  24. eri chiba

    i think this car just for toys only:p

  25. joe

    lol “shes got quite a nice bottom”

  26. aud

    pure douchebaggery.

  27. joshua

    i wish they did them for 12-13 years of age

  28. Morrison

    Are they still being made and can I get one in the States? Like the bubble top and think the convertable idea is GREAT.

  29. Brandon

    i want! its perfect for a college campus

  30. Another Brandon

    I’ve seen one of these (well, a replica) at the Ripley’s Believe it or Not in Niagara Falls, Canada. I almost didn’t believe they were real, but now i know. I WANT ONE!

  31. Imani

    its better to have bike / cycle

  32. Bradley W Hall Sr

    I’m a U.S. Navy disabled Veteran. I’m 5′ 6″ tall and 140 Lbs. I would love to own one of these micro cars for getting around. I think they would be wonderful!!

  33. farooq al-quaitial

    it’s my dream car, pls some let me know wheare can i get one of these cars.

  34. Ragheed

    This guy is hilarious!!!

  35. ku

    I like this car and wish I could buy one for myself to drive to work, about 3 miles there and back. Its suitable for the city.

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