Camera Lens Cap Holder

Camera Lens Cap Holder

Innovative and extremely useful Cap Buckle designed to be easily attached to the camera strap will hold your lens cap and protect it from dust.

Lightweight, durable, and secure. It is compatible with Nikon, Canon, and other lens caps of standard sizes (67mm, 58mm, and 52mm).

You only need one holder, it has rings for different lens cap sizes.

Never lose another camera lens cap again! [order]

Camera Cap Holder

Lens Cap Strap Holder

Camera Lens Caps Holder

Lens Cap Camera Strap Holder

Lens Cap Holder

Camera Buckle Lens Cap Holder

Cap Buckle


Camera Strap Lens Cap Holder

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  1. Mariana


  2. gunneos

    ah, useful!

  3. David Waters

    Sweet – I want it

  4. Khurram

    v useful, awesome & practical.

  5. cchana

    I backed this when it was on Kickstarter, it’s an excellent product but as I’m more of a casual photographer, I find that I still put lens caps in my pocket or back in my camera bag rather than use this. I wish I could get into the habit of using it more as it’s a really well made product that holds lens caps really really securely!

  6. Douglas

    People still use a 35mm camera?

  7. JJ

    perfect – ordering now!

  8. Sasha

    I have one of these!! It is seriously the best thing ever and I haven’t lost a lens cap since getting it. I used to lose them pretty much every time I used my camera.

  9. Xcallibur


  10. Alex

    Whilst I can definitely see the use, I just went with one of those sticky toggles for my lens caps. It’s just a bit of elastic that’s stretched around the lens itself, with a couple centimetres of cord and an end that sticks to the lens cap. Just click the cap off and let it dangle whilst taking your photos. Amazingly it never gets in the way because the cord is short enough. IMO that’s more practical than the bag strap approach, only cost a few quid too.

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