Giant LEGO Bricks

Giant LEGO Bricks

Oversized versions of famous Interlocking plastic bricks can be used to build coffee tables, room divider walls, and modular furniture.

Giant LEGO bricks for adults. Made by EverBlock. Play and build things.

Large LEGO

Adult LEGOs

Giant LEGO Blocks

Large LEGO Blocks


Large LEGO Bricks

Giant LEGO

Giant LEGOs

Adult LEGO

LEGO for Adults

LEGO Bricks for Adults

Large LEGOs

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  1. Swiper Fox


    I could now build a two-level house with that thing.
    No need for engineers and architects with these.

    Except for the toilet & bath that would be outside the house.

  2. susie

    Really a good idea for not only kids to play with. Are there also flat LEGO pieces to give (e.g.) the steps a final finishing?

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