Mobile Bookshelf Chair

Mobile Bookshelf Chair

Reading chair with integrated bookshelves, lamp and a wheel can be easily moved around your house.

Bookinist chair for book lovers designed by Nils Holger Moormann.

Nils Holger Moormann

Nils Holger Moormann Bookshelf Chair

Bookinist Chair


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  1. POM

    Interesting concept. The hard edges make it look uncomfortable. The light is in the wrong position. It should be on both sides and at the back of the armrest to put light on the reading material. A grab bar is needed on the back of the seat so you can lift the back and roll it like a wheelbarrow.

  2. John

    It’s funny how many Toxel posts are about bizarre objects with built-in bookshelves. I guess it’s like ceramics: sooner or later, everyone makes an ashtray.

  3. John

    I assume it works like a wheelbarrow: Pick it up in the back, then move it over there. (Then go back & pick up the 6 books that fell out of the front of the armrests.)

  4. Swiper Fox

    Maybe put four small pivot wheels (similar to pushcarts’); one for each corner; and remove the big wheel.
    Does not need lifting. Can be pushed and rotate 360 degrees.
    Easier on the eyes. Does not hinder feet movement.

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