Bookshelf Chair

Bookshelf Chair

Modern chair with integrated bookshelves and storage compartments has enough room for hundreds of magazines and books.

Made out of painted wood and leather, “Bibliochaise” is available in white, black, and other color combinations.

Designed by Alisee Matta and Giovanni Gennari of Nobody&co.

Book Storage Chair

Book Chair

Storage Chair


La Bibliochaise

Books Chair

Library Chair

Shelf Chair

Bookcase Chair

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  1. Lau Mendez

    The idea is great! but ithing it could be more cozy… i mean if yo are gonna read on it

  2. Angelina

    This is perfect if, like me, you have little/no space, but a ton of books.

  3. Jimbo

    Have seen similar concepts that were all more comfortable looking. transportable, but not practical.

  4. Gert

    Apartment furniture.

  5. Mark

    That’s what I was thinking Lau…cool idea, doesn’t look really comfortable.

  6. Josh

    Chair is pretty cool – maybe find a way to work in a recliner…

    The room full of taxidermied birds, however, is CrEePy.

  7. Karen

    I’d be scared I’d ruin some of my books with the weird positions I sit in and where I lean my feet.
    But cool design effect.

  8. Joe

    What, no armrests?

  9. gunneos

    cleaning would be a bitch

  10. Mark

    Cool but needs a soft arm rest.

  11. miri

    I thought it was awesome! but not expected criticals here

  12. woops

    Book-shelf chair is not a new concept, but what I like about this model is the corners being versatile in the direction you want your book: you can place the book perpendicular or parallel to the face of the seat.

    But as others have already pointed out, this does not look comfortable.

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