Transparent OLED TV

Xiaomi Transparent TV

The world’s first real mass-produced transparent OLED TV will be released later this year by Xiaomi.

Mi TV LUX Transparent Edition priced at $7200 features edge-to-edge transparent self-luminous display that looks like clear glass when off.

Turn the TV on and enjoy vibrant moving pictures floating in the air.

TVs 55″ transparent 10-bit OLED panel has 150000:1 static contrast ratio and infinite dynamic contrast ratio.

Cool futuristic see-through television designed for houses and apartments.

Xiaomi Transparent OLED TV

Transparent Television

Mi TV LUX Transparent Edition

See-through TV

Clear TV

Transparent OLED TV

Transparent TV

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  1. Stuart Halliday

    And it’ll be used in windows.
    About the only use I can think for it…

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