FiiO CP13 Rechargeable Cassette Player

FiiO CP13 Cassette Player

Rechargeable cassette player designed for retro audio enthusiasts seeking to experience the sound of non-digital music.

FiiO CP13 Cassette Player features cool aluminum body design that is paying homage to the iconic Sony Walkman from 1980s.

Rediscover the tactile joy of mechanical buttons and the beauty of classic dual-tone metallic style.

Made for people who appreciate the nostalgia of audio cassette tapes.

Portable cassette player boasts an impressive battery life of up to 13 hours.

Lithium-ion battery can be conveniently recharged via the USB-C port.

The FiiO CP13 Cassette Player is currently available in China for $99 USD, encouraging users to explore the charm of analog audio once again.

FiiO Cassette Player

USB Cassette Player

USB Powered Cassette Player

FiiO Rechargeable Cassette Player

FiiO USB Rechargeable Cassette Player

CP13 Cassette Player

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