24 Beautiful and Creative Website Headers

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  1. MAx

    Many very,very,very nice websites!!
    Thanks for sharing!

  2. Jorge


    This grunge style is the best

    I’ve one too, Blog Me Tender

  3. David Hellmann

    nice collection! here my page: http://www.davidhellmann.com :)

  4. ben

    great website David ! ;)

  5. David Hellmann

    thx! : )

  6. John Woods

    Wow that is way cool

  7. Justine

    A lot of great headers!

  8. Kyle

    Where’s starcraft2.com?

  9. unbrk

    the viget one is from a free css template site, mildly altered.

  10. Peter

    What about http://revyver.com? Not extravagant enough?

  11. kiran

    Great website.Thanks for sharing.

  12. Rishi Luchun

    Nice designs!

  13. stelt

    Those look nice as paintings.
    As headers they’re way too big.
    I hate to scroll all the time to get to some actual information.

  14. Thomas

    Nice header, Thanks

  15. sunil

    wow …thats very nice sites

  16. Jerke Wadde

    How about http://www.thedoteaters.com?

    For a little bit of interactivity.

  17. steelfrog

    Kulturbanause is really the better looking one of the bunch, but many have their own unique styles and feel. Solid list.

  18. Tim

    Most of those are pretty, but completely unreadable. They’re WAY too busy for headers, you almost forget that there’s a page to read.

  19. kalpesh

    amazing too good beautiful

  20. Jon Williams

    Great gallery, thanks.

  21. Charles

    You should check this corporate site out - beautifully illustrated and very vivid and colorful. Plus a cute animation.

  22. Fatih

    Very good collection.

  23. Kevin

    Only one i visit regularly is webdesignerwall.com

  24. vidya

    very beautiful.Thanks very much

  25. Steve

    Nice roundup!

  26. Juan Carlos

    Very nice, great websites

  27. Alex Linebrink

    Awesome list! I’ve never seen a few of these and am definitely doing some clicking around.

    Thanks a ton for the That INDIE Dude feature, too :)

  28. JustinSMV

    wow great list of these awesome designs. Kudos.

  29. Tobbi

    Nice collection. I like especially kulturbanause.de

  30. Gopal Raju


  31. Beezy

    these are great!

  32. Marco valente

    Some are over the top, but generally most of them I find to be quite cool. Although these kind of very decorated sites are only suited to certain kinds of organization.

  33. Neill Horsman

    Some awesome sites there, love them all.
    But I do feel 80% of them are all over crowded with items in the header, its drawing your attention away from what s important, the content.

  34. Rogério Oliveira


  35. maryamh

    the header for the makers of auditorium’s blog is pretty trippy. blog.cipherprime.com

  36. Handerson

    An other amazing header > webair.it
    Icons and sphere as menù in black layout.

  37. boge

    very good

  38. blackheater

    I like them!

  39. china

    thx for you

  40. Amanda

    i like that indie dude.

    cool side! thanks!

  41. z.Yleo77

    very beatuiful

  42. Simon

    Nice website!.

  43. Xtence

    Great list! Thanks for sharing

  44. Mark

    These are awesome header designs!

  45. battery

    all nice, look great

  46. cumakreatif

    great designs, bravo!

  47. Mohsin

    I think these are really creative header designs but more designs should be displayed for header so that the user can choose best for him.

  48. Avay

    lovely collection ever seen.

  49. Vladimir Nikic

    Very inpired.
    Thank you.

  50. psdcow

    All are VERY nice … LucyBlackmore is my personal favorite

  51. Kaplang

    I really like all of them but 23 really stands out for me the most :)

  52. Dave Sparks

    Nice collection. Some interesting designs on the round up

  53. Sneh Roy

    Very nice list! Thanks :)

  54. Hinh anh dep

    Beautiful collection, some are really inspired!!!

  55. netselnet

    beautiful website

  56. PSDDude

    100 % creativity ! I love a beautiful designs it makes me stay longer on a website !

  57. Zamshed Farhan

    100% marvelous

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