Floating House

Floating House

Located near a small island on Lake Huron in Canada, this unusual vacation house is accessible only by boat.

Designed by MOS architects, the house floats on steel pontoons which allow it to fluctuate along with the lake when water levels change.

Floating House Deck


Floating House Interior

Floating Home Interior

Wooden House

Floating Home at Night

Floating House at Night

Floating Home

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  1. jumanicus

    Very nice, id love to live there

  2. Fons


  3. PauL B

    This is the most amazing house I’ve seen to date..when i grow up this where i want to retire!

  4. Lulu-Chan


  5. Domini

    I want one…..

  6. Banafsheh

    Me too

  7. mea

    me tooooooooo

  8. David

    Accessible only by boat? Apparently the ramps are strictly decorative.

  9. Adriana

    This house is great! I would love to spend a weekend there… Fishing..swimming..

  10. raihan

    love it so fabolous

  11. yui

    love it!

  12. old man


  13. Spanki

    imagin waking up after a hangover
    AND sea sick on top!

    look amazing though

  14. peppy

    Only accessible by boat….and that bridge.

  15. Chad

    Seeing that it is Canada one can wonder what it would be like when the water freezes!

  16. Darrell

    Sure this is nice? but why’s it on Toxel? I’ve only seen like five of these in real life.. Isn’t Toxel supposed to be for new and unusual things?

  17. Tashli

    cool, want such

  18. Karin L.

    Really Cool Idea!!!

  19. pampalas

    nice house

  20. Jack

    @David, the land is on an island that that bridge leads to

    @Chad, Lake Huron doesn’t freeze over, its a massive body of water.

  21. Jake

    Pretty sure this was in Dwell a couple of years ago.

  22. James Ward

    But will it be there when I get back?

  23. Mai


  24. Jeremy

    I’m assuming the only way it’s accessible by boat is because it’s on an island. doh!

  25. Art of Concept

    Gives me a huge sense of peace and relax! Love it!

  26. ugh

    This might be a good idea to put in Venice

  27. Alin

    Simply stunning :)

  28. Dan Daniel

    Cool! There are no words

  29. Ir

    Wuuuuaaaaaaaahhh, what a great HOME.. May I go there??

  30. Ander

    Perfect in case of zombies

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