Packable Kayak

Packable Kayak

Modular hard-shell kayak made out of six interconnected sections designed to be quickly assembled in less than five minutes.

Pakayak – lightweight, reliable, and leak-proof portable kayak comes with a wheeled bag that is easy to take and store anywhere.

Nesting kayak packs inside itself and fits into a regular car.

Wheel it to the water and paddle it like a traditional kayak.

Modular Kayak

Portable Kayak

Collapsible Kayak


Nesting Kayak

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  1. Sandy Gross


    How much. do the Pakayaks weigh? And what is the cost?

    I understand they are 14ft long; what is the widest measurement.

    Thank you!

  2. Jason

    Weight: 59 lbs. Length: 14’2″ feet. Price: $1,895.00

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