17 Amazing Bento Food Art Creations

17 Amazing Bento Food Art Creations

Bento lunch boxes are often decorated to look like people, animals, gadgets, and famous characters.

This post showcases beautiful and creative bento designs. Enjoy!

The Simpsons Bento

The Simpsons Bento

Starbucks Bento

Starbucks Bento

Bill Gates Bento

Bill Gates Bento

South Park Bento

South Park Bento

Nintendo DS Bento

Nintendo DS Bento

LEGO Bento

LEGO Bento

Xmas Bento

Xmas Bento

Monsters Inc. Bento

Monsters Inc. Bento

Playstation Controller Bento

Playstation Controller Bento

Tinkerbell Bento

Tinkerbell Bento

Mozart Bento

Mozart Bento

Tiger Woods Bento

Tiger Woods Bento

The Devil Wears Pirikara Bento

The Devil Wears Pirikara Bento

Super Mario Bento

Super Mario Bento

Mona Lisa Bento

Mona Lisa Bento

Cat Bento

Cat Bento

Wall-E Bento

Wall-E Bento

For more inspiration, check out: 12 Creative Bento Lunch Boxes

  1. Now i want some sushi.

    aha AWESOME bento art!

  2. wtyang24

    the legs were a little unexpected, haha. the mozart one is so intricate. amazing.

  3. nicole

    oomg i love the devil wears prada oh i mean pirikari one ;p

  4. Carsti


  5. OI Web Designer

    nice food art
    colorful food made me hungry

  6. sanr

    it was so cute..kawai..

  7. Zeena

    Really impressive. Food styling on a new level!

  8. ensieh

    good. nice .

  9. Mari

    That’s a nice eye seeing for eating them

  10. Jaqi Mugo

    Great selling point for any restaurant! Ha ha!

  11. mniya

    wow great work , and creative too nw i feel really hungry :D

  12. alissa apel

    Great work!!! Please check out my blog of cookie art. They are all homemade cookies that I’ve personally made.

  13. Ryan

    Brilliant. Love the artwork here..and loving bento too!

  14. Aiwa

    Totally amazing..
    It reminds me of Hawaii’s golden anniversary celebration this year.

  15. Fang

    so beautiful

  16. Momo

    i love the cat bento but it feels kinda weird eating it

  17. me

    ily the mozart one, sooooo cool! :)

  18. Alan

    No wonder i can’t find my ps2 controller hahaha

  19. laila

    it.s soooooo nice……. Totally amazing

  20. keji

    the pictures made me soooo hungry….i totally love the art!

  21. Some Dood

    Oh wow these are so cool! I love them. …….great, now I’m hungry……

  22. Noelene

    OMG! i want a bento box soo bad!

  23. Scirocco

    :D super

  24. Pandemonium

    The cat one is adorable! I don’t think I would be able to eat it.

  25. ChiascuroDemon

    OMG! how can peo-pl ebare to eat these bentos? they are so cute! <3

  26. Hypnotika

    awh!! D: I would never be able to eat them! let alone leaving anyone around 5 meter radius of them after so much hard work xD

  27. freaky noref

    tooo niceee..i prefer to keep all ths meals in glass box rather than eat them!

  28. Lifebender

    OMG!!! I’d better keep them rather than eat them…

  29. Anonymously Confused

    Yes, but… why is Tiger Woods white?…

  30. Freaky Geeky

    These are so cool!! Love them.

  31. BNDQ8

    wow…so kewl and looks delicious!! :)

  32. Ali

    very interesting!! quite creative

  33. harley


  34. dan

    its really amazing i love it

  35. Jennifer

    just made my whole day. awesome-ness!

  36. evlilik

    nice food art

  37. aiva

    all of this so awesome..
    especially cat bento.. i like it

  38. apple

    soooooooo cute!

  39. stynium

    Omg these mums are amazing. They must have been art majors before becoming Mums.

  40. vanessa

    looks good!!!

    what a brilliant idea!
    Creativeness: level up!

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