12 Stylish and Unique Dresses

12 Stylish and Unique Dresses

Collection of the world’s most unusual, weird, and creative modern dresses.

Umbrella Dress

Stylish dress created for Orbit Mist print advertising campaign.

Umbrella Dress

Colour-In Dress

Make your own designs by adding colours with textile markers.

Colour-In Dress

Meat Dress

Shocking dress made of meat for Lady Gaga by Franc Fernandez.

Meat Dress

Garbage Bag Dress

Stylish dress made by Jeremy Scott out of regular plastic trash bag.

Garbage Bag Dress

Soda Can Dress

Unique dress made by Jane Tan out of soda can tops and bottoms.

Soda Can Dress

Grass Dress

Creative “dress” sculpture by talented artist Robin Barcus Slonina.

Grass Dress

Laser Cut Dress

Elegant black and white laser-cut floral stencil dress by Marchesa.

Laser Cut Dress

Toilet Paper Dress

Toilet Paper Dress

Intimacy Dress

Futuristic dress made of interactive technologies and smart e-foils which becomes transparent based on personal interactions.

Newspaper Dresses

Recycled newspaper dresses made by university students in China.

Newspaper Dresses

Balloon Dresses

Cool inflatable dresses created out of hundreds of twisted balloons. [more]

Balloon Dress

Ink Dress

Pseudomorphs dress uses ink to create unique fluid designs.

Ink Dress

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  1. kcantu

    Loved the Umbrella Dress.
    HATE Lady Gaga’s.

  2. AdmiralAnchovie

    I could cook GaGa’s dress over a fire and enjoy it more.

  3. Prodigious

    So basically, the ink dress is like a giant maxi-pad that they show in commercials to show off its absorbency.

  4. Sean

    Soda Can Dress seemed the most stylish and the one that would probably get the least amount of trash talk and ridicule at a party

  5. Kate

    Lady Gaga’s dress is the WORST i’ve ever seen!

  6. Iris

    I think that laser cut dress looks very cool!

    @ Kate: I’ts funny but worst is the dutch word for sausage, and that’s a stragne combination in this context;)

  7. Cindy Auligny

    Love both The laser cut dress and toilet paper one. They’re so amazing.

  8. mea

    i love toilet paper dress , it’s really unique.

  9. Rose

    @ Prodigious

    You stole my words. What a waste of freaking time.

  10. James Ward

    The umbrella dress brings so many interesting things to mind. Let it rain!

  11. Ang

    Um, isn’t that garbage bag just turned upside down and slit for arms? How is that a design? I made dresses like that (but with belts, and paint!) in the 80s in highschool.

  12. Rodiansinger

    The soda can dress actually looks pretty cool but if you sat down, wouldn’t you just crumple and bend all the can tops and bottoms?

  13. cerulean

    I like the ink dress. It’s very artistic/sci-fi. would be cooler with more than one color though. or a monochromatic color scheme at least.
    #1 favorite is the laser cut dress. I’d wear the crap out of that.

  14. cerulean

    the garbage bag dress though? not impressed by things I could make in two seconds myself, and have made in the past when it’s pouring rain and I have no umbrella.

  15. PrivatePitchfork


    Sir, I’d humbly join you in your mission. *salutes*

  16. chazzzz

    lovin the loo roll dress !!

  17. Tom

    The grass one would be an amazing camouflage!

  18. Raads

    @ Tom, unfortunatley, somehow i doubt it was made for that purpose :D
    the bacon one is ugly, and probably very smelly
    you would have to have a pretty big umbrella for the umbrella dress
    the toilet roll dress is fantastic
    the stencil.. well, just patience i guess
    the ink dress is extremley uglt and looks like something i dont even want to mention
    i’d hate to think what would happen if the balloons popped on the balloon dress
    my favourite is the colour in dress, cuz u can have a different design all the time.

  19. Big Bob

    I saw boobs

  20. GRock

    You couldn’t sit down with the balloon dress! You’d be nakey!

  21. Linda

    The balloon ones look like darleks going to a fancy dress!

  22. sarah

    i like every one because
    they have a diferent creativity
    but the best is INK d.. because this design show us a new form to do the things and a new perspective of the things mixing a futurist design with tecnology at the same time

  23. siana

    the balloon dress is my fav

  24. Rosetta

    The intimacy dress was distubing

  25. ALP

    With all the crazy and inspiring couture dresses created I believe that some of these dresses should not be on the list.

  26. Moo

    I don’t understand that intimacy dress… does it turn transparent when it senses that you are about to do it with someone? Sounds awful but I guess it is an interesting exploration of technology.

    The umbrella dress is cool, and the laser cut one is pretty. The balloon dresses can be really fun… or horribly embarrassing depending on when they pop.

    The ink dress is unnecessarily complicated. You could get way cooler designs if you just painted on a dress, rather than have that dumb automatic contraption doing it for you.

  27. Art of Concept

    I’d take the Garbage bag dress and put most of these designs in it…

    Most are…I’ll leave it there.

    Lady Gaga had to wear meat to prove some good taste! LOL

  28. vlad

    I’m glad Lady Gaga made the list. She trully pushes every previously pushed buttons. It’s nice to see POP culture grow again.

  29. Vyolla

    I love the toilet paper dress!!! and the laser-cut dress very cute! but i hate the intimacy dress and the meat dress…who wears meat?!

  30. hugo

    Like so much “laser cut dress” ^^

  31. Anna

    Lady Gaga’s dress is just nasty– not creative, not funny, not interesting. It’s just gross. There’s a thin line between “different” and “deranged”, and she has definitely crossed it.

  32. Amy Pond

    Making the TrashBag dress for a halloween costume contest and dance! Think I will win?

  33. Debbie

    This Lady Gaga thing pisses me right off – this was done nearly 20 years ago by artist Jana Sterbak in 1987 – called Vanitas…


    Good on you Gaga for being so ‘original’


    LOVE LOVE LOVE!!! YOU INSPIRE ME! Unique is different and different is good

  35. Tia Lynn

    The umbrella dress is amazing!!!!!!!!!!!! i couldn’t think of a different look for my final project in my fashion concepts class, but then i came across this unique umbrella dress and i have to try it. I however can’t use any fabric whatsoever for this final project, that includes thread, but i know what i will to sew it together with. But another great idea is the garbage bag, which i will also try that one as well.

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